Swissgame Slot Machines & Online Casinos

Swissgame Slot Machines & Online Casinos

Swissgame is not an ordinary studio that the online player has heard about. However, it is the pioneer in the casino business. Originally, the studio was founded in good old 2008. At the moment of establishment, it was the leading provider of online products for all casino platform holders. Back then, there were not that many developers that could create tons of content for a wide variety of online users.

Nowadays, Swissgame rebranded into Bgaming studio. However, hardcore players know it by the previous name. The main focus of the studio is on in-house casino projects for the online audience. There are a lot of websites that work toe-to-toe with this powerful developer to create Swissgame games worth to be played online. 2012 was kind of a special year for the company because, at this moment of its history, a lot of casino masterpieces were released.

The main offices of Swissgame are established in Curacao and Belarus. To produce high-quality products, the developers cooperate with the Ruby on Rails casino library of pre-rendered visuals. It allows them to present never-before-seen graphics in online products.

Swissgame has an extensive library of online games. There are more than two thousand casino slots in its portfolio. The developers are partners with twenty best providers in the industry to represent projects on all allowed platforms. Swissgame is very serious about delivering high-definition mobile games. That’s why the company is working on improving its online technology to represent projects on all possible platforms.

What allowed to go so far?

There are more than forty casino projects of Swissgame that have become legendary over the years. All of them are optimized to work properly with mobile devices, so there are no problems with accessing them on any platform. Besides, the studio is always working on making casino projects as fair as it is possible.

Most of Swissgame casino projects are based on historical events and stories. It’s easy to find a full list of products about ancient Egypt and Greece with the structure of five-reel online games. However, the player will easily tell what the difference between recent products of the studio and those that were released a couple of years ago is. The visual representation and the gaming process of Swissgame online slots have gone way too far. Nowadays, the projects look spectacular. They are more like videogames than standard slots. But Swissgame is not going to stop there, because it is working on a couple of new tech features that are going to change the way people look at casino products.

There are Swissgame projects that stand out of the crowd. One of them is the West Town slot. This spectacular product is one of a kind. Because it shows off how technologies can be used to create digital masterpieces, it is a western about cowboys, desserts, and gold. If the player was always interested in playing poker online – it is the best chance to do that.

Another perfect example of Swissgame work is the Crazy Starter gaming machine. This casino project is everything that the player has been looking for in games. The developers used WebGL tech to create three-dimensional graphics for those online projects without the need for extra powerful hardware.

Because of this, it doesn’t matter for Swissgame games which device the client uses to play. It can be a mobile phone as well as a laptop. The project itself will adapt to the resolution of the screen.

The best place to find Swissgame projects is the Oranje Casino website. It contains the full list of online projects of the studio that are available right now. Being dedicated to Dutch-speaking players, the longest-running online casino offers instant-play mode and is secured with the power of 256-bit SSL encryption. However, there are some drawbacks as well: limited support time and availability on the Dutch language pack.

What makes it even greater?

Swissgame is doing everything possible to make online gamers comfortable for making bets in casino games. That’s why there is a possibility to make it with cryptocurrencies, like Bitcoin. More than that, this firm is a pioneer in making such operations. The developers introduced this feature a couple of years ago, way before the popularization of crypto wallets and all those things. Now, there are online solutions for such coins as Litecoin, Dogecoin, Ethereum, and others.

Another aspect of why Swissgame is awesome – it has its own IPs. In the collection of the studio’s projects, it’s easy to find legendary products that are only allowed to appear on the official website of the company. That’s why platform holders need to pay real money to represent them on third-party websites.

Swissgame is never still. These guys are working on a couple of casino projects at once to release them a few times a year. There are many variations of online roulette, poker, and other card casino games that the player would like to enjoy. All of Swissgame games are interesting to play, not only because of special effects but also because of the gaming process.


Some studios shone, and then they became long-gone, but in case of Swissgame, the flame of the fame will shine forever. This is the kind of a firm that was founded a long time ago but dedicated all the power and money to make online casino games even better with every next release.

Maybe Swissgame changed its name to Bgaming, but it’s not a big deal for the company with such a glorious history of online products. The developers keep improving every popular game from their portfolio. They are doing that for casino fans from every country. They don’t care about boundaries when it comes to online representation of their products. Swissgame knows – every game that came out of its hands is like a festival for fans. Therefore, the developers put all the heart and dedication, no matter how small or big the casino game is. It’s good for both gamers and platform holders.

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