Octavian Gaming Slot Machines & Online Casinos

Octavian Gaming Slot Machines & Online Casinos

Modern users consider it hard to find a developer from Italy since most providers appeared in other regions of Europe. However, the “Octavian Gaming” company entered the big market in Europe. The company not only develops but also successfully sells its products on the international market; as a rule, the main customers are online casino operators. The corporation released its first product about 13 years ago. During this time, the provider achieved great success because it continues to improve its online products that would please its fans.

We can also add that the company manages to combine proven and reliable technologies with the latest advances in programming. Also, the corporation concludes contracts with other manufacturers to release new models with unusual game scenes for online casinos. Odd Matrix offers customers a full service after the sale of content.

Most popular software casino and casino games

Employees of the company believe that the quality of online games is the main characteristic of the provider. All that goes under the Octavian brand that offers well-thought-out to the smallest detail software. Experienced specialists devote a lot of time to all stages of casino production. Typically, this approach helped to attract many fans among visitors to online casinos. Representatives of the Octavian Gaming Corporation spend a lot of money on advertising, as this aspect allows attracting new partners and casino customers. For this reason, Octavian Gaming regularly participates in various exhibitions that take place every year. Of course, the Octavian Gaming corporation will also take part in the casino exhibition in 2018.

Also, Octavian’s employees are regularly trained to be able to use the latest achievements in software development, as it becomes more accessible. As you can see, Octavian Gaming activity is licensed and completely legal.

The Octavian Gaming provider pays a lot of time to online slots, as this is the most popular category of online products. Not so long ago, this online casino provider released an exciting online game called “Queen Cleopatra”. This online game is outstanding with its bright design and the use of 3D effects and animations. According to the plot, participants need to explore the tomb of the great queen.

“Wave Petrol” is dedicated to the theme of beach recreation. Here you will meet beautiful girls, a warm ocean and big payments.

“Royal Towers” will take you to the era of the Middle Ages. The game process is filled with bonus options that will give a lot of real money. The game session is realistic, thanks to the use of thematic pictures and sound.

It’s no secret that fruit online slot machines are the most popular because they do not provide for complex rules. Octavian Gaming released several such online games: “Magic Flood”, “Multi Fruity”, “Wheelenium Superior”, and «Fruit Fall”. These and other Octavian Gaming online slots are available in our casino in a demo mode that does not require download.

Now, we can argue that Octavian Gaming is a new style and trend in the online world of gambling.

Info about mobile software casino

The concept of Octavian Gaming implies the use of exceptionally advanced technologies that only add value to the games, making them attractive to users. Octavian software can be described as exciting content with a high level of interactivity. The games are distinguished by first-class graphic design, smooth animation effects, and various bonuses. Did you know that Octavian Gaming released even several mobile applications? Such emulators are available on all gadgets running on Android or iOS.

What makes this software (provider) special

The Octavian Gaming company has many different certificates and other documents regarding the design of new online casino games, integration and maintenance of gaming machines in terms of hardware and casino software. Any ambitious company seeks to replenish the staff of its employees with young talents. Octavian Gaming Corporation also uses this strategy. Potential employees can count on an inspiring and dynamic atmosphere, in which new creative ideas are always welcome.

The casino developer also guarantees a reliable security and protection online system that will prevent possible cyber threats and protect the integrity and safety of its players.

A series of online game models “Dream Set Black” is a new development of the Octavian Gaming corporation. Each emulator of this category has fascinating stories and a high percentage of feedback.

The team of specialists from the support service of Octavian is always ready to help and solve any problem in the shortest possible time. The company uses the GLS management system to track equipment sent by customers for repair to the dealer center. Also, the Octavian company’s employees are regularly trained to be able to use the latest achievements in software development, as it becomes more accessible. As you can see, the activity of Octavian Gaming is licensed and completely legal.

Now, we can argue that Octavian Gaming is a new style and trend in the world of gambling. Octavian Gaming confirms its status with modern solutions and creative online slots.

Info about software casino bonuses

Employees of the company devote a lot of time to the online system of bonuses, as this is the main secret of success of the casino manufacturer. For this reason, each online slot from the Octavian Gaming brand offers generous bonus options that will bring you closer to the main jackpot. Casino with Octavian Gaming games also has introductory bonuses for newly registered customers.

Conclusion and Verdict about software casino

Octavian is one of the few companies that still create casino software and hardware using modern technologies. Most clients among online casino operators will appreciate the Octavian equipment for its practicality. Besides, Octavian Gaming achieved great success in Italy.

Octavian Gaming Solution is a small studio that dedicates all its power on producing creative slots for players from all over the globe. The main reason for these guys to become so popular is that they always wanted to give people what they needed the most. HD slots are on the first place for Octavian Gaming Solution, and they will never stop improving what they have already made.

To make the slots as right as it is possible, Octavian Gaming Solution is working on new engines. They are capable of creating not only a visually stunning picture but also some good options for all types of gamers. Even if you are only a beginner, there will be no problems with figuring out how the slots are working.

A player has a chance to enjoy the Octavian Gaming Solution slots for free. All of them include demo versions, having in-game currency, which the player can use to bet without making any deposits. It comes helpful for people who see the slots for the first time in their lives.

However, the player can easily deposit because of the simple Octavian Gaming Solution system that allows using almost any banking service, like VISA, MasterCard, or internet payments, like PayPal, Maestro, Neteller.

To feel the true power of Octavian Gaming Solution, a gamer should sign up through the developer’s website. It will give a chance to get his/her profile with an ability to store saved data and statistic on cloud drives. It is a crucial fact for the gamers who do not like to play the slots at home. They can synchronize all the slots info on different platforms at once without using any cables.

Octavian Gaming Real money slots machines

Wheelenium Superior slot machine
Wheelenium Superior
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Free spins

Besides, the Octavian Gaming Solution projects do not have any requirements, except the good connection to Wi-Fi or Cellular Data. The creators update their slots regularly, so a player should always refresh the page to get the latest version of the soft.

The gamer does not have to install any on his/her device if he/she wants to enjoy the Octavian Gaming Solution slots. But he/she can download an official Octavian Gaming Solution application for his/her gadget to get better performance or stability.

Something you can tell about Octavian Gaming Solution for sure – they never forget about their clients. If the player has any questions about specific slots, or he/she wants to tell what he/she would like to see in the next projects, then it is needed to use the feedback option. The gamer can send a message directly to the developers by using the email.

The player can also write a couple of comments or even a review on the Octavian Gaming Solution slot. The creators always read them, trying to figure out what they can do to improve the gamer’s experience.

Popular slots

If a user wants to know why Octavian Gaming Solution is so well-known among players, then he/she needs to launch at least a couple of slots, like Magic Flood, Multi Fruity, Wave Patrol. All of them are unique and have something special for every player.

But as you can tell right after the first launch of the Octavian Gaming Solution slots, they do not look like the ones from the early 2000s. That is because the games became much more complicated than they were back in the days. Now the Octavian Gaming Solution projects have their storylines and characters. The player should look at them, like on big-budget movies.

Besides, a couple of slots are based on a famous movie or music franchises. It is up to the player which type of Octavian Gaming Solution slot to use. There are the vintage ones with three-reels and the modern variations with five-reels. However, the main idea behind them is the same – the player must collect matching slots on the same paying line to increase the Octavian Gaming Solution winning score.

It is the fastest way to get the best result in the Octavian Gaming Solution projects. Nevertheless, the gamer should always learn something new. That is why he/she needs to build his/her strategy on how to use the most valuable combinations.

Furthermore, the player does not have to play slots all the time because Octavian Gaming Solution provides access to some other projects, like table games. They are much serious than the standard slots. These projects are skill-based; it means the gamer cannot just open them and win good prizes.

However, he/she can play these Octavian Gaming Solution projects with his/her friends. They have some social interaction. The player can easily connect his/her profiles from social networks, and then use them to invite the friends in the Octavian Gaming Solution lobby.

Besides, Octavian Gaming Solution has a contract with Facebook and can post some slots on this site, which is also extremely useful even if you want to play at work.

Octavian Gaming Solution is not a typical developer. They are not afraid to experiment. That is why the gamer can see many exciting products that he/she will not find in any other creator`s library.

Mobile software slots

The Octavian Gaming Solution slots are possible to be opened on any device that the player has. Almost any project from the developer can be played on portable gadgets. The creators dedicated all their power to adapt user interface and overall look of the slots to smartphones and tablets with a small screen resolution.

The player can control the gaming process with the use of a touch screen, instead of using a keyboard and a mouse kit in the Octavian Gaming Solution slots. In this case, it is pretty easy to play, even if you are somewhere outside of your home. However, in the case of public transport, it may be a little tricky to focus on the game.

Therefore, it is not a shock why Octavian Gaming Solution decided to add the “Auto Play” mode. Enable it, and the slots will bet automatically for a specified number of times. It may come in handy for such situations, like a vacation.

The player will not have to waste his/her time on betting. He/she can activate this function, and the gameplay will become much easier. The same thing goes to the Octavian Gaming Solution “Maximum Betting” option. Nevertheless, the gamer should be careful, using it, because he/she can either win big prizes or lose everything in a short period.

It is one of the things that you should realize – Octavian Gaming Solution makes entertainment products and, like in all games, there are winners and losers. To become the winner, you should have the strength to stop, winning enough.

Special things

Octavian Gaming Solution tries to add something new in its slots, so the player could feel pleasure, playing them. That is why the player can find mini-games in some projects. They are good for getting jackpot prizes.

The gamer can use them to get extra spins in any project from Octavian Gaming Solution. If the player is lucky enough, then he/she will get a couple of hundreds of dollars. And it is great because no other developer can give you such a chance.

If the gamer is a fan of zombie apocalypse movies, then he/she should look for the Octavian Gaming Solution slots that are based on a well-known TV-show “The Walking Dead”. The creators have an exclusive contract with AMC, which gives them rights to create the games with the characters from the original series.

The gamer will not only spin reels in the slots, but he/she will also investigate the digital world that was created by the guys from Octavian Gaming Solution. Coders and designers work hard to make their projects look amazing. Their dedication to the process is worth noting.

The long path

It was a little hard for Octavian Gaming Solution to become one of the top developers in the slots business. The creators started their way from Italy. But then they quickly became an international distributor. Nowadays, it is pretty easy to open any slot from Octavian Gaming Solution in any country. Even if the player has problems with English, he/she can change the language pack of the user interface at any moment.


Now you understand the power of Octavian Gaming Solution. The developers not only work hard, but they have an idea of how their slots should look like, and they will never sell this creed. Now, the player can enjoy the games at any given moment.

The user does not need to go anywhere, to play the Octavian Gaming Solution slots. He/she can sit back and relax after a grueling working day. However, the gamer should play not because of money, but because of the emotions and fun out of the gaming process.