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The portfolio of the MX Digital corporation is full of bright offers. This software developer has prepared over one hundred slot machines, made simply and being colorful at the same time. The most interesting is that all slot games repeat plots of famous movies. Earlier, you were able only to watch TV series or enjoy new movies in the cinema.

However, at the present moment, all people who like gambling with all the heart can open a slot game and spin reels, seeing favorite characters. Among symbols of the slot, there will be beloved characters. Wynn Interactive, Zynga, Double Drawn Casino, Foxwoods Interactive, Foxwoods Development, IGT’s, Caesars Interactive Entertainment and other companies can be mentioned in the list of partners of the MX Digital corporation.

The famous gaming developer distributed its slot games to these gaming platforms for the profit and pleasure of the casino-loving community. Some companies can develop on the market, offering more and more slot machines with time, making the gallery of games only bigger, while the MX Digital corporation wants to educate players, raising a bar of quality through its partnership programs. TraffGen is the leading partner of the MX Digital corporation that shares slot machines with the gambling-loving community every day.

Most Popular Slots and Casino Games

In the gallery of video slot machines that were made by MX Digital corporation, players can find the Blue Brothers video slot machine with five reels, three rows, and 20 winning combinations. Other popular casino slot games that were made by this revolutionary new software developer are Hulk Hogan, David Hasselhoff, James Dean, Dennis Rodman, MGM’s “Missing in Action” and other models that are featured with favorite movies. Mostly, they have only five reels with three rows and a classic interface with the 15-spaced grid. Among bonus options that are input in the program of every video slot machine, there are such ones as free spins, re-spin option, wild symbols, scatter symbols, and others. They can let people get even more money during the gambling session without any odd moves.

For example, wild symbols in video slot games made by MX Digital can offer players to create new winning links without any additional symbols but simply turning ordinary playing icons into winning ones. At the same time, scatters can multiply the winnings of players. By the way, free spins in slot machines are a favorite option. They offer people to spin reels in the game for free without any additional payment needed. The corporation itself started its way in 2009 when the gambling market was only developing. The developers have found a way to offer something new and not that popular at that moment to all players who want to get something not tested before. This is how the idea of featuring slots creation came to the SEO of the corporation.

Nowadays, more than 50 employees work for MX Digital studio that is focused not only on the development of professional bright video slot machines but also on the provision of management consultation and investing into the sphere of gambling. Branded content and real money slot games are the most popular vectors of corporate development. At the same time, social slot machines, just like ones that are presented in the gallery on the MX Digital Facebook page, can be played for free. Income is not the major goal of the specialists – they want to make the market wider, offering better services and new solutions.

About Mobile Slots

Mobile video slot games from the MX Digital software developer are written in the HTML5 programming language. They are both bright and full of bonus options. Mobile applications of the MX Digital corporation can be downloaded via Google Play or App Store. Players also can get access to the mobile application of any slot game with the browser version. Enter a name of the slot machine in the search line and get a chance to play best slot machines without download and registration.

What Makes MX Digital Special

Answering the question of what can make the MX Digital corporation special, we have to mention a social casino for the casino-loving public. This project changed the industry at all, made it more open to people and less official. The social casino of MX Digital operates based on the Facebook application. You may recommend the casino to your friends, watch after your friends playing slot machines in the online regime and even get all notifications about the innovations of MX Digital in the live regime. Just like your friends send messages to you right on the page, MX Digital will send information about all news.

However, the social platform for gambling is only a part of the list of features that make MX Digital unique. Another feature is the Blue Brothers slot game. Blue Brothers is the slot machine that was made base on the motives of a famous TV series and appeared being inspiring for the casino-loving public. MX Digital launched this game on the market first. The developers brought this trend to the industry and motivated it in the development. MX Digital is moving into the social space – the administration made this announcement of the MX Digital corporation. They don’t want slots to be limited or made for a certain group of people only. They want everyone to have access to the gambling session and want everyone to be able to take part in the development of the gambling-loving community.

Of course, this is not everything that can be mentioned in the list of reasons why the MX Digital corporation is extra special. It develops video slot machines according to the plots of famous movies – every slot not only is made for the satisfaction of players according to the latest trends of the industry but also repeats the idea of your favorite movie!

About the Company

MX Digital is a leading software developer on the gambling market that was on the pause for a certain time to choose the right social policy to offer the gambling-loving community professional video slot machines. MX Digital, at the current moment, bases on the US market and South American gambling market. In total, the distribution of professional slots made by the MX Digital software corporation is carried out in 26 countries of the world. Premium entertaining gambling machines are offered for people to play and develop themselves at the same time. To offer something new on the market and be a leading corporation, the MX Digital software company focused on the creation of slot games that copy plots of famous movies and popular blockbusters. MX Digital is the gaming producer that works together with William Hill.

The MX Digital company has launched its social casino on Facebook platform. This project became the most famous on the market as well as it was impossible even to imagine that the casino can operate in a social network. The main idea of the project is to make gambling as social and useful as chatting with other people. Casino on the platform of Facebook is an excellent chance for the gambling-loving public to place bets and earn money in the real-time regime, without any odd moves. Entering the page of the social casino, made by MX Digital, gamblers can see a group with all possible video slot machines that were created by the MX Digital corporation and its partners. People can check out games, conditions of the gambling session, and currency that is available to place bets on the page.

The most comfortable is the idea that everything is going on the platform of the mobile application. There is no need to visit other web pages when gamblers can open a mobile app and start playing the best casino games without any long loading needed. MX Digital is a corporation that works hard on the development of the industry.


The development of the gambling industry is the primary goal of the corporation that active and enthusiastic workers of MX Digital software follow. This company is a legend in the world of gambling – its slot machines gave a basis to other games and made it possible for people with the most different values and demands play professional video slot machines with pleasure. There is nothing complicated needed to be done if you want to get access to the high-quality video machines of MS Digital – enter any online casino that you like and start spinning reels.

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