Mega Money Slot Machines & Online Casinos

Mega Money Slot Machines & Online Casinos

Preparing the description of this company, we paid attention to the name of this brand. We also tested several models of the “Mega Money” company and realized that the name fully characterizes payments in video slots. Great payments are guaranteed to each participant who chose products from the large Mega Money corporation. It is a large manufacturer that has a huge library of its emulators that have collected many positive reviews. Also, participants who tested the games of the Mega Money brand declare that all game models are performed at a sufficiently high level that confirms the company`s status of the leader.

Although the manufacturer does not publish a lot of information about itself on the Internet, we found some interesting facts about the activities of Mega Money. We should also consider all the online slots of the casino provider that have tremendous characteristics. By the way, the company became so successful because of this category of online casino products.

Most popular software casino and casino games

To acquire permanent users, as well as gain popularity, the company’s developers had to work hard to create exciting gaming machines. It is worth noting that the team of developers and programmers of Mega Money excellently coped with their work. By the way, the staff of the Mega Money casino provider has many specialists who work in different spheres. Therefore, the Mega Money company has many programmers, graphic designers, psychologists, and professional analysts. The last category of employees regularly analyzes the online market before the release of new casino games. Also, the psychologists of Mega Money study the behavior and tastes of the target audience of casino players.

Currently, Mega Money actively manifests itself in the development and production of content, adapted for the online market and social networks. Choosing the direction of activity, the management of Mega Money is focused on monitoring research conducted to study the needs of players, which allows timely optimization of products. It is worth noting that online casino content from Mega Money is targeted at large markets that will enable increasing the turnover of financial assets.

The Mega Money manufacturer has many online video slots in its casino library: Zodiac Fortune, Outta Space, Showtime Reels, Reels In The City, Monte Carlo, Hallow-Win, Reel Groovy, Fruity Looty, Crypt Keeper, Dinomania, Cap’n Coins and Candy Land. Each online game is based on stunning stories that were qualitatively and sometimes funny performed. Also, online slots differ in structures (3 and 5 reels and the number of paylines) and bonus options. Some online games are performed using modern 3D technologies that increase the level of the game process. Moreover, absolutely all online slots are equipped with thematic sound effects that accompany the participant throughout the entire game session. Also, note that some online games have two spin functions (manual and automatic). The results of each round will be displayed in the corresponding windows.

Not so long ago, the online portfolio of the Mega Money Corporation was increased by a new development – online Keno. It is distinguished by modern graphics and a bright color scheme that does not distract from the gameplay.

Info about mobile software casino

As it was mentioned earlier, the Mega Money corporation does not disseminate information about its activities on the Internet. For this reason, we cannot say anything about the availability of Mega Money games on mobile devices. But we can assume that the casino provider released several versions of online games for phones and tablets since Mega Money is very popular among the audience of players who own different modern gadgets.

It’s no secret that such solutions for a mobile platform allow consolidating a high position on the gambling market that is very competitive.

What makes this software (provider) special (features, exciting moments)

In addition to captivating storylines, each slot machine has an easy-to-use control panel that controls the gameplay. Thanks to the task bar, the participant can set necessary game indicators (adjust bets, choose the appropriate number of active lines), go into the bonus and risky rounds, and win real money. The manufacturer called “Mega Money” is a company that quickly became an absolute innovator in the field of gambling because it developed a unique system of functions that affect the effectiveness of the game. If the Mega Money company develops in the same direction, then it will be a long and competitive existence on the online casino market.

But what are the distinctive features of Mega Money? Firstly, this is an excellent graphic design, which, thanks to the details, maximizes the gameplay to reality. Secondly, the casino provider uses modern solutions and technologies for its online games. Thirdly, the developers make a competent choice of sound that emphasizes the culminating moments of the game and creates a certain mood for the user.

In 2018, Mega Money directed its activities to the development and implementation of online video slots that give a lot of real money. Also worth noting is the new online game of Keno that received many high ratings and enthusiastic feedback from the participants.

To acquire permanent users, as well as gain popularity, the company’s developers had to work hard to create exciting gaming machines. It is worth noting that the team of developers and programmers excellently coped with their work.

Info about software casino bonuses

Bonus options are the main features of Mega Money video slots. This indicates special symbols and thematic mini-rounds that will help you win real money and many other prizes. Most online casino slot machines are available in a free version without registration.

Conclusion and Verdict about software casino

To sum up all the info about this online casino manufacturer, it is worth noting that the Mega Money company regularly allows enjoying new developments that are filled with bonus options and payments. Today, all products of the Mega Money casino provider are available for free.

All slots that were created by the Mega Money Games developers have a simple list of settings – they are 5-reel games with 3 rows and from 10 to 20 winning combinations available. As well as in the products of other software developers, while playing with Mega Money Games slots, people can change settings during the gambling session and choose a needed amount of winning lines for comfortable betting on the page.

Slots were created in the very beginning of the XXI century and had simple graphics and animation. They offer no 3D animation, but are well-painted and can boast of entertaining HD graphics as well. Players will feel like reading a book about adventures or ancient times – not like simple spinning reels during the gambling session. Super comfort is that players can either turn the sound on during the gambling session or turn it off. No registration is required for players to play these games. The Mega Money Games corporation has the same-named casino for players to gamble with professionally made slots anytime they need.

Most Popular Slots and Casino Games

All the Mega Money Games corporation slots can be considered blocked, as the gaming developer is rebranded at the present moment. Mega Money Games has a small list of progressive and profitable games that was developed by the professional programmers and designers in the very beginning of the XXI century.

Zodiac Fortune is a new game about the space sky that will tell professional players a story about the stars and planets that exist in our galaxy. Zodiac signs mystery will be revealed while playing the game – get one of the most ancient knowledge of the world to feel yourself a part of the universe.

The Outta Space video slot machine is one more slot game that was created by the Mega Money Games corporation – the background is light grey and silver. All symbols are shining with neon color – they are pink, bright green and blue. This is not just a slot – this is a tale of the future discovers.

The Showtime Reels slot by Mega Money Games looks like a cinema – players will feel themselves like sitting with popcorn and watching new movies while spinning reels of professional slot games.

Reels in the City is a fruity, colorful slot game with a light white background and bright accents.

Monte Carlo is a retro slot game with simple animation.

Keno with an extra amount of balls can be found in the gallery as well.

The Hallow-Win game has three reels only and three rows that look extra special for players.

Reel Groovy is a colorful and bright slot machine with a red-pink background and green accents on the interface.

Fruity Looty is a slot game executed in a retro style. Fruits on the machine make the gambling session bright and satisfying.

Other slot games made by the Mega Money Games corporation are Donimania, Crypt Keeper, Cap’n Coins, and Candy Land.

About Mobile Slots

Any famous gaming development corporation with a name should have a mobile application for players to get access to the most favorite games. Of course, when Mega Money Games was only developing, mobile apps only started being trendy and fashionable. At the present moment, it is hard to surprise someone with a mobile app.

, players can download it in the App Store or Google Play to find a version either for iOS or Android operating systems. Mega Money Games has no mobile application now because of the rebranding of the portal. However, the Light Camera Bingo portal for gambling that is a rebranded version of the Mega Money Games corporation has a made mobile application with 2D design and HD graphics. Players can also open a browser on a personal mobile phone and enter a name of any Mega Money Games slot game to get access to it.

Mobile versions of Mega Money Games slots will be optimized for the size of the screen and will look like they were designed especially for your smartphone. All buttons will be optimized in size. Press them quickly on the screen to start another gambling session. All slots will be simple to use and look like stories and fairytales. While gambling, you are not just spinning reels of video slot games, but listening to the story during the game. The mobile application can be downloaded on a personal mobile phone quickly – the process will take only several seconds. The app itself is light – it won’t take much space on a particular mobile phone.

However, those players who don’t want to waste time and space on the mobile phone for the download of the application can open a mobile version in a browser to play all slot games anywhere and anytime.

What Makes Mega Money Games Special

Many corporations faced rebranding to be opened once more even in better condition. For example, Bally Wulff and other developers also had another name at the moment of opening, but in some time they closed the first corporation brand, opened one more and got even more fame and influence on the casino-loving community. Mega Money Games also appeared on the market in the very beginning of the XXI century to bring fresh air on the gambling market and offer people to develop themselves in the sphere of casino games and satisfying slot machines.

Mega Money Games offered clients being a part of the professional gambling community, playing bright video slot games and getting up to 200 pounds as a bonus for a minimum deposit during the gambling session. Take part in the weekly tournament and get an opportunity to win 300 000 pounds for your satisfaction and profit. Mega Money Games is a designed page for the casino-loving community that can help people get both profit and pleasure while spinning reels of the most popular video slot machines. Now, the uniqueness of the Mega Money Games corporation is the same, but the name of the corporation has changed – at the present moment, it is called Light Camera Bingo. It is painted in purple colors and has some bright accents on the main page.

About the Company

Mega Money Games is a corporation that was one of the first on the gambling market at the very beginning of the XXI century. At the very start of the Mega Money Games career, it was an excellent corporation with new products being released every week. All slot machines have a classic look and retro style. They have a well-made animation and HD graphics without any 3D effects on the screen. While playing slots of Mega Money Games, you may feel like being a part of the retro gambling community. Forces of the administration and professional workers of Mega Money Games were enough to rebrand the company in 2018 into Light Camera Studio.

Mega Money has a light blue and deep blue color template with green accents on the main page. The light blue background can only stress the main page with deep blue frame and contrast banners on the header of the website with slots. The Mega Money Games developers could offer players concentration on the profit. Mega Money Games could accept the most popular payment services in the world of gambling to send money in international currencies quickly with a minimum fee. Games of the Mega Money Games developers can be found in the same-named Mega Money Games` casino that still operates for the pleasure and profit of the casino-loving community.

The most popular currency in the gambling market is pounds. It is widely used in the most progressive casinos to play innovative video slot machines. On the website of Mega Money Games, players can place bets in pounds currency. For registration on the page of the Mega Money Games corporation, players can get a 100% deposit bonus. To get access to the deposit, place a bet in the size of 10 pounds only and you will get this amount of money doubled on the personal bank account. Members of the Mega Money Games corporation VIP club placed five stars rating to this gambling page. Many professional online casinos and land-based gambling pages offer a bonus for the gambling session with the Mega Money Games corporation. Check out the available bonus list for slots and get even more money for a satisfying gambling session in 2018.


The popularization of video slot machines and the development of the casino-loving community is the goal that the Mega Money Games corporation achieves for ages.

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