Intouch Games Slot Machines & Online Casinos

Intouch Games Slot Machines & Online Casinos

Intouch Games Ltd first announced itself on the gambling market in 2001. At that time, the corporation had 15 years of experience in creating entertainment equipment. This category of Intouch Games included jukeboxes with slot machines and billiard tables. All these equipment were a full-fledged amusement institution. Then these skills successfully reflected on the gaming industry, in which the company showed itself as a favorite. The incentive of progress made the organization create a branch specializing in the production of gambling equipment.

In 2018, the Intouch Games Corporation is successful and has the deserved status of a specialist in the production of online emulators for entertainment.

Experienced programmers creatively approach the tasks and regularly develop exciting gaming machines that attract the attention of users and partners who want to agree with Intouch Games.

Most popular software casino and casino games

Initially, the Intouch Games company started with small achievements, since the staff had only 6 people. Today, Intouch Games is a cohesive team of 28 professionals, with high-end engineers among them. Among the main types of devices produced by Intouch Games Ltd, we can distinguish the following: quizzes, online fruit slot machines, billiard tables, and terminals for fixed-rate bets. Each such casino device has several advantages, as well as accompanying services. The Intouch Games Corporation has carried out many releases of various thematic online video slots. So you can choose “Gold Macdonald”, “Treasure Ahoy”, “Jackpot Big Top” and others. All these online models are very popular so clients can easily find them in the leading online casinos that cooperate with the Intouch Games Corporation.

The list of online partners of Intouch Games includes “mFortune”, “Pocketwin Casino” and “Mr.Spin Casino”. Please note that Intouch Games also released online solutions for users are is keen on online gaming. So, you can enjoy online video poker, roulette, and casino blackjack. Most online games have implemented modern technologies that make the gameplay more realistic and fun. Graphic designers used different 3D technologies that appear with additional animation. It’s no secret that these are popular tricks today. It is worth noting that Intouch Games has made great strides in this casino area.

Initially, Intouch Games Ltd developed jukeboxes. The equipment was not connected with gambling, as it offered digital music for a few tokens. The guest could choose a favorite song among the 2.5 million provided. Online games category “SWP” is another development of Intouch Games. It’s about the apparatus that is filled with toys. The player needs to control the metal claw to catch the prize. It is worth noting that such models are very popular around the world. In addition, they can be installed in a store, a casino, and also gaming halls.

As we can see, Intouch Games specializes in various areas of online casino. Experts have chosen a competent strategy that helped them to succeed in all areas of this field.

Info about mobile software casino

A mobile casino called “mFortune” is the flagship of the Intouch Games Corporation that was launched in 2007. Today, the company positions itself as a developer of mobile online casinos, whose sites and games are available for most mobile devices. If the client wants to enjoy the game process at any time, then he or she needs a gadget that works on a special platform.

Please note that all online games can be activated in a demo mode that is available without registration and downloads in online casinos. In this case, users can improve their skills and develop successful game strategies.

What makes this software (provider) special

Each Intouch Games online game model has several advantages, as well as accompanying services.

Digital players:

  • Compact exterior design;
  • Easy to use interface;
  • Presence of a touch screen;
  • Free installation and repair;
  • Possibility of rent;
  • Constant updating.

Machines for quizzes:

  • Over 30 pre-installed games;
  • Cash prizes;
  • No need to obtain a license;
  • Free installation and repair;
  • Possibility of rent;
  • Touch screen technology.

Fruit machines:

  • Jackpot reaches 70 pounds;
  • No need to obtain a license;
  • Free installation and repair;
  • Regular update.

Billiard tables:

  • There are two main sizes available;
  • High quality of the product;
  • Free installation and repair;
  • Comes with balls, chalk, and top lighting.

Automatic machines for betting with a fixed coefficient:

  • Dual monitor for enhanced game comfort;
  • Ability to choose a game;
  • Free installation and repair;
  • Payment of a share of income;
  • Games work on the ticket system;
  • Program with full accounting on the computer.

The Intouch Games company is a major supplier of gambling equipment, so the relevant authorities regulate it. In the production of any machine, Intouch Games Ltd uses the standards established by the industry. The protection system is regularly updated and passes appropriate checks. This means that you do not need to worry about the safety of personal data and money in an online casino.

Technical support is available at any time on the main site of the Intouch Games corporation. Communication with specialists passes through an online chat, call, or email. Experienced assistants will help you in a couple of minutes.

Info about software casino bonuses

Multiplayer is another feature of online gaming models from the Intouch Games casino provider. 3D mode allows conducting exciting competitions around the world. Monthly there are contests with big money prizes based on the game. Any player can win real money and have fun.

Conclusion and Verdict about software casino

To sum up, we can say that Intouch Games belongs to the category of small casino developers. In 2018, the Intouch Games company owns 3 different online casinos that have a large number of visitors. All players trust the online casino provider who offers exciting products for online casinos.

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