36Gaming Slot Machines & Online Casinos

36Gaming Slot Machines & Online Casinos

Modern users always want to choose a high-quality and reliable provider from a wide range of companies that develop thematic products. So the virtual world is full of various manufacturers that regularly release their slots. The beginning of 2018 was marked by the release of a new development of the Kslots Company that we may know as 36Gaming on the market. Each developer product is filled with exciting graphics and sound effects that emphasize the main theme of the model. You can find its main office in Malta. Respectively, it operates under local law.

The 36Gaming Casino company cannot be called very popular or widely known, but some of its developments are quite innovative and successful, which allows the company to stay on the market.

Most popular software and casino games

Despite its small experience, many experts call 36Gaming the “rising star”. They predict the wonderful future for the company. This statement is due to the numerous releases that are guaranteed to make a furor on the market. But we will consider these aspects later.

Games 36Gaming offers pretty good graphics and in some cases, quite original stories. Innovative solutions attract special attention to the models of 36Gaming. It is important to note that 36Gaming regularly releases new games. The total number of games from 36Gaming is not very large, but as it was mentioned above, their number is constantly increasing. The 36Gaming company offers several types of roulettes, card games, and video slots. The gambler has more than 40 kinds of games at his or her discretion.

Therefore, we can find traditional pirates, pharaohs, popular fruit models and also unique slots: “Shogun”, “Sirylian Dragon”, “Capo Del Capi” and “Dracula”.

Most of them are built on 3-9 reels, the number of lines can exceed 25 in some slot machines. The design of the 36Gaming platform recommended for the game deserves special attention because designers used wonderful color combinations. All games of 36Gaming for casinos are characterized by a bright and high-quality design that fully corresponds to the theme. Also, all these slots have a high percentage of return, so a large number of users choose 36Gaming. In addition to ready-made platforms and games for online casinos, 36Gaming is engaged in the release of software for games with real croupiers, and also offers some solutions for land-based casinos. So if necessary, the participant can communicate with a dealer, as well as tune in to what the game will be like the most real.

As statistic shows, every modern developer has roulette in its portfolio. The popularity of this game is proven by time. The 36Gaming company offers users 2 kinds of entertainment: French and European roulette. The first one took the player to the 18th century when it was the duty of each establishment to have a table with a tape measure. The European version has standard 36 cells and one zero.

Among card games, the demand for a multiplayer version of blackjack is steadily increasing. The reason for the popularity of blackjack is that the game requires the presence of strategic thinking and thoughtful tactics.
Another advantage of 36Gaming is animated symbols. Besides, each model of this manufacturer differs with its thoughtful and conveniently located menu that contains all necessary buttons for the game. All models of the provider can be met in “Virgin Games Casino”.

Info about mobile software casino

The ability to easily integrate the product into different online casino platforms is the main advantage of the game content from 36Gaming. The player can only download a special client program that allows enjoying game stories even with a low-speed Internet connection. But you can also play through the browser, being on the site of a selected game resource. Modern HTML5 and Flash make both versions of the game possible. The developers from 36Gaming successfully master this direction, which allows the user to play using tablets, smartphones, and other modern technologies.

What makes this software special

Soft from the 36Gaming company is fully customizable and can be integrated into different platforms. Also, the 36Gaming products work under any operating system that supports Java. Another exciting feature is that the company offers casinos that run on Android devices.

Games from 36Gaming have quite good graphics and in some cases, quite original stories. Innovative solutions attract special attention to the products of this company. It is important to note that 36Gaming regularly releases new games that attract the attention of players. The 36Gaming’s website has information that all products are offered in several languages.

The 36Gaming system also uses high-security measures that prevent any malware attacks. Thanks to such “secret protocols”, users do not have to worry about their security. The hardware is stored on a separate local server, protected from hacking.

The guarantee of the quality of 36Gaming is a license issued by the Malta Gaming Authority.

Info about software casino bonuses

Young and promising 36Gaming regularly holds promotions for its customers. You can find this information on the official website of the company that is available at any time. By the way, you can contact online chat for help. Professionals will help to solve any problem within a few minutes.

Conclusion and Verdict about software casino

To sum up, 36Gaming has great potential for further development. It only needs to expand the range of released content. The development team of 36Gaming Casino pays much attention to each slot that has excellent design and also modern graphics and sound effects. This manufacturer works only with the most popular types of gambling and thematic emulators.

36Gaming casino offers a multitude of fabulous propositions to gambling-inspired enthusiasts. Slots of the company can be enjoyed the whole season round or using one-time package only. The 36Gaming Company is your foolproof ticket to Vegas that does not require leaving the comfort of your home. Simply buy a package of your preference and start using slots products from the gaming provider with extreme ease and simplicity. What is more, you may also choose to use free demo versions of the best games ever to get acquainted with the 36Gaming brand and decide for yourself whether you wish to continue playing its slots for real money or not.

The slots developer is definitely a number-one choice for everyone who is looking for innovative and originally designed gaming products capable of meeting all of their expectations and demands. 36Gaming is a leader in terms of authentic design and incomparable graphics that are part of its collection of profit-oriented slots.

36Gaming offers the best selection of games that can be played both for free and for real money, depending on your immediate needs. In case the slots of the 36Gaming provider happen to meet your needs and preferences, you may always buy a pre-paid package consisting of several gaming tools to enjoy your gambling leisure time to the fullest and be able to hit monetary prizes non-stop.

36Gaming Real money slots machines

Capo Dei Capi slot machine
Capo Dei Capi
Bonus games
Free spins
Dracula slot machine
Bonus games
Free spins

Most Fascinating Offerings

Unlike some of the recently established slots producers, 36Gaming has over two decades of experience in the casino-oriented segment and online wagering industry. This means that the developers have enough knowledge and sufficient expertise in the production of the best-quality software slots and casino-oriented gaming tools to meet all standards and norms established inside the industry. The developer offers a truly splendid range of gaming products, and some of which are the following:

  • Ziggy
  • Zig and Zag
  • Time 2 Play
  • Play for Time
  • Pirates Quest
  • Omega 7, etc.

These are some of the fascinating slots offerings empowered by the 36Gaming provider. This casino operator has enough experience to know how to take advantage of each wager placed while playing slots. 36Gaming is among those companies that are trying to provide the highest value of each wager to allow gamblers to enjoy their gaming pastime to the fullest. Together with the 36Gaming software producer, you are going to become many times more affluent and a lot happier all along.

This software developer produces only top-quality casino slots and games to let casino-loving users feel free from any superstitions as for the gambling-powered world. But instead, enjoy their casino-oriented experience to the maximum. This is the key to your complete satisfaction and maximum productivity during casino-driven leisure time. Moreover, the gambling provider has long proved to have an excellent reputation, while its long-lived history is the best proof of its 100% reliability against other platforms of such a kind.

Info about Mobile Software Slots

36Gaming allows not only having fun while playing slots online, but also enjoying maximum convenience when using mobile versions of software slots. 36Gaming is among the leading casino brands that provide the public with a chance to use mobile software slots with extreme ease and simplicity.

All you have to do is check your internet connection and get ready for interactive gameplay using your portable appliances, such as a tablet or a smartphone. The slots of 36Gaming are compatible with a wide variety of operational systems, which makes them your number-one choice ever. The mobile gaming experience has indeed made things a lot easier by allowing casino enthusiasts to enjoy their favorite slots from 36Gaming using a convenient device of their choice.

Mobile software slots by 36Gaming have long turned into the all-favorite type of amusement enjoyed by multiple casino users all over the world. 36Gaming offers a truly impeccable range of mobile games that can be easily accessed through the internet with no need to register at the company’s website or pass any tiresome preliminary procedures, like downloading software to your technical appliance. Instead, you may enter the lucrative world of gambling right away to start hitting big-sized monetary prizes non-stop and with extreme simplicity.

What Makes this Software Provider So Special?

36Gaming provides only exclusive content to casino-loving users who are fond of online slots of different types and varieties. In fact, the odds of winning a prize change almost daily, and therefore, it is necessary to carefully choose the kind of slots you wish to try out. 36Gaming makes a difference in today’s casino-centered market. They are truly aware of the difference between value/odds versus slots that allow winning huge payouts non-stop day after day. In such a way, 36Gaming remains a steadily developing company that is characterized by a unique approach to doing things. Thus, one of the aspects that make 36Gaming special is the provision of a better winning probability to users. They claim that they give VIP players a chance to get hold of huge payouts that count when it comes to one’s gambling experience.

36Gaming is a respectable slots producer that offers quick solutions to your monetary concerns. The 36Gaming developers offer truly high-paying slots that have a strong probability of resulting in perceptible wins.

Representatives behind 36Gaming even claim that they are going to return money to every casino player who is not happy with the kind of slot they have tried out, which means that the company has enough confidence in its reliability and trusted performance. This is exactly what makes it so unique and serves as the basis for its uniqueness and exclusivity.

Basic Data

36Gaming is an exciting casino-powered company that delivers a premium-level collection of slots suitable for any preferences and demands of users. The company offers diverse packages to meet your strictest requirements, while its slots are characterized by guaranteed propositions and lucrative offerings that will be accessible to every gambler who dares to give it a shot. 36Gaming was founded not so long ago, but it has already reached immense heights in the performance on the casino-oriented market.

Some people even claim that you will never find anything more superb than slots and casino games by 36Gaming. You may check out their range of products right away by selecting the kind of slot you wish to play and entering the fascinating world of gambling empowered by 36Gaming. We are pretty sure that you’ll be fully satisfied with what you get in the end because slots by 36Gaming are all high-paying and truly exciting to play.

36Gaming is for everyone who is looking for fun and joyful leisure time in a company of extraordinary characters and exemplary visuals that form the basis of each slot availed by the casino operator, so don’t hesitate to give it a try.

Conclusion and Verdict

36Gaming is among those respectable slots providers that offer all possible conditions for pleasant and satisfying gameplay that will bring you many rewards with extreme simplicity. If for some reason you are dissatisfied with the slot you have chosen to play and happen to be disappointed with any element of the gameplay! 36Gaming representatives will make a refund of your money, so you don’t lose anything at all.

You may play the games of the provider without any need to register or pass any downloading procedures. Choose the software slot by 36Gaming you wish to check out and get going. Even though online video slots from the 36Gaming developer have their peculiarities and not all of them might be to your liking. We are pretty sure that you’ll be fully satisfied with the result of the gameplay. Simply because the probability of winning a prize while playing games by 36Gaming is extremely favorable to casino-loving enthusiasts, which means you’ll have all chances to hit big-sized prizes with ease. Furthermore, 36Gaming allows playing slots just for fun, so you are welcome to check out free versions of games provided by 36Gaming to make the right decision as for whether or not you wish to continue playing slots by the developer.

SlotsSpot has the fullest collection of games empowered by the most reputable and respectable casino-oriented providers in the world, including 36Gaming among many others. Don’t miss your chance to grab big wins with ease!