Zeus Play Introductional Review

How to name a company is an important question, since a good name means good reputation. The Bulgarian slots development team decided to hit the direct point and name themselves after the God who is often mentioned within the casino culture nowadays.
Comparing to many others, the Zeus Play slots development team is a young company, yet, experienced enough to provide reliable and engaging products since 2012.
Experience and acknowledgement is the core of Zeus Play: the majority of the Zeus Play team consists of people with more than 20 years of experience within the gaming industry, and each of the members brings something new to their slots from his or her own perspective and own point of view.
Up to date, in 2018 Zeus Play has more than 50 different slots, which include various jackpots, standard video slots and even arcade machines that can be played in real life.
Moreover, all of the Zeus Play slots can be played directly from their website within a demo mode.
Furthermore, they are open for business and always ready to cooperate with new members who are as passionate with slots and other games as people at Zeus Play are.

Zeus Play Most Popular Slots
Golden Dice 3 – Roll for Luck – Claim Your Cash

Up to now, Zeus Play has issued a plenty of various slots and it is hard to tell which of them are the best ones.
Yet, according to users’ preferences in different online casinos, here is the list of top six slots at Zeus Play, which should be checked by everyone at the first place. They are: Golden Dice 3, The Explorer’s Quest, Infinium: The Exiled Gems, Eternal Desire, Amun’s Book and Lady of the Forest.
Now let us look closer to each of the listed slots.
The first slot at Zeus Play to tell about is Golden Dice 3.
The Golden Dice 3 slot is good for its recognizable and adorable retro-style of true old-school casino. Having rather typical gameplay, this slot is good for its traditional atmosphere. Aside from that, it contains 5 reels, 15 different paylines, its minimum bet is limited to 0.15 and the size of the maximum one is set to 15. It does not have any additional bonus rounds or free spins. However, it can be played from mobile device running iOS or Android operating system.
The second Zeus Play slot to mention is The Explorer’s Quest. The main topic of this slot is devoted to Ancient Egypt, pyramids and aliens that helped the ancient people to build those monumental tombs. Playing as an explorer at this slot, users are offered to spin and solve mysteries further and further until they win a jackpot treasure from the very deep of a pyramid. Along with that, the slot offers 9 different reels and 10 various lines. Its minimum bet is limited to 0.10 and its maximum bet is set to 150. Aside from that, there are additional bonus rounds and free spins for the mostconvenient game. Yet, this slot is not available for mobile platforms by default.
The third slot, which should be named at Zeus Play, is definitely Infinium: The Exiled Gems. Like it was with the previous one, here Zeus Play again picked up some extraterrestrial force and told a story about outer spaces. This slot offers a space that is all about powerful gems that were stolen from the Earth by an alien race. No doubt that the player has to return them home. As for the gameplay, the slot provides 5 various reels and 10 different paylines. Its minimum bet is set to 0.10 while the maximum one is limited to 15. Aside from that, there are additional free spins, yet, no bonus rounds. This slot is also not available for mobile devices by default, only within certain casinos that have ported it there.
The fourth Zeus Play most popular slot is Eternal Desire. Here Zeus Play picked up the Dracula’s theme and decided to make a slot on vampires and charms of eternal dark of the night. Here Zeus Play offers 5 different reels and 50 paylines to win cash. Minimum and maximum bets are not set, yet, there are additional bonus rounds and free spins for the players to spin freely and further.
The fifth slot at Zeus Play that is worth attention is Amun’s Book, being another slot on Ancient Egypt topic. Here the player takes part as a female explorer who discovers ancient treasures. It can be done with the help of 5 reels and 10 different paylines. Along with that there are additional bonus rounds and free spins in order to make this slot easier and more friendly to play. Still, unfortunately, no mobile support or bet sizes are mentioned for it.
As for the last most popular Zeus Play slot, it is called Lady of the Forest. This slot, comparing to all previous ones, is an enchanting fairy-tale with adorable and stylish folklore design. A user plays a role of a forest queen who seeks for lost treasures of her woods. In order to make it more profitably, Zeus Play offers its players 5 reels and 10 different paylines. Along with that, there is a chance to win free games and free spins, which can help the players throughout the game flow of this slot. As for the bet sizes or mobile support, they are not mentioned, and each casino sets its own limits and provides mobile ports for iOS and Android operating systems, if necessary.

Zeus Play Mobile Software
Amun’s Book – Discover the Truth – Reveal Treasures

By default, Zeus Play develops slots for desktop applications, arcade machines and online instant play. However, some of the Zeus Play slots are still available for mobile devices with iOS and Android operating systems.
Aside from that, the following online casinos provides their own mobile ports of the Zeus Play slots: Jackpot City Casino, Spin Palace Casino, Gaming Club Casino, Ruby Fortune Casino and Casumo Casino.

Zeus Play Main Features
Eternal Desire – Dream Like a Count – Play Like a King

A special thing with the Zeus Play company is customization. The platform they are using for the development of their slots allows distributors to set them up in a manner they want to in an easy and comfortable way. An opportunity to set up the backend, payment processors and other required options and scripts allows providers to build up iGaming platforms with embedded Zeus Play slots with ease, which is great.
As for the users, what is good at the Zeus Play slots is their design solutions and settings that Zeus Play takes for its slots and how the company manages them. Can it be a story about aliens, or Ancient Greece or Egypt, or something retro-style, everything in slots serves for the core idea of the game. There are even some plot twists and video sequences to make the slots more engaging and intriguing in order to hold the player further and further.

Zeus Play Company History

Being established in 2012, Zeus Play quickly gained its reputation as a trusted and reliable slots development company.
Up to date, Zeus Play is supported at more than 100 different online casinos, created 50 different slots and new ones are to come.
Aside from that, Zeus Play produces lotteries, arcade slots machines and even live games with living dealers.
As for Zeus Play, the company is now world-wide, being represented in Europe and even in Africa and Nigeria.
Along with that, Zeus Play holds its own website with an opportunity to try the games out or even play directly for real money, if players want to.
As for technical solution, Zeus Play uses both Macromedia Flash and HTML-5 technologies for the games, depending on what a particular slot needs.
The highest peak of the Zeus Play fame was in 2017, when the company participated at International Casino Expo in London. That is where their fans could reach them, had a live talk, and try their new slots right from the developers’ hands.


To sum up, Zeus Play has its own style. That is an example of what happens when people with an experience in the gaming industry decide to produce something neat and simple.
Creating various slots from classic 3-reels to 5-reels as their modern replacement, and even more, Zeus Play strives to make game flow even more and more tense, more and more interesting and captivating.
The main features of the Zeus Play slots is flexibility and easy adaptation for any online casino website in use. From the other hand, Zeus Play delivers stylish slots that suit to majority of audience and include retro-style slots, slots on ancient times and modern and mainstream ones, without denying of fairy-tales topics.
All these points make the Zeus Play slots remarkable and worth playing at least in a demo mode in order to try them out and then decide if you would like to continue.
They are released for the sake of fun, and the goal is achieved greatly, which is the most important thing for such projects.
Either a newcomer or a hard-core gambler, Zeus Play slots suit each of them.