Info about software slots of Viaden

The active development of the virtual entertainment industry has expanded the list of companies that have started developing game software. Therefore, in 2007, Viaden joined the competition.
As you can see, Viaden is a relatively young company that has already managed to achieve certain success in the software market and slots for online casinos. The head office of the Viaden Gaming is located in the capital of Belarus. The idea of ​​creating a corporation belongs to people who had some experience in the field of gambling, so they began to actively develop on the virtual market and create slots. They directed their efforts to create high-quality solutions and modern technologies. The Viaden Company operates in several areas, which are very relevant for online gambling. It is engaged in the release of gaming platforms, considers questions of technical support of customers, and develops options for expanding the client base.
In 2007, Viaden is included in the Belarusian High-Tech Park, where companies are provided with assistance at the state level. And in 2009, the Viaden company formed a unit that begins to develop programs and slots for mobile applications such as Android, iOS and others.
To date, Viaden offers its customers a large selection of products, namely Internet casino, poker room, sports betting, mobile and social games. However, the main advantage of the Viaden company, of course, is the creation of slot machines in 3D format.

Most popular software slots and casino games of Viaden

The video slots of the Viaden manufacturer have undeniable advantages, which are important for gamblers, when choosing game content. First of all, you should pay attention to the variety of slots from Viaden Gaming. Each slot has its own storyline, which is revealed during the game. Most slots are created using three-dimensional graphics, so their design has a high quality and realism. Symbols with unique functions are used in the game process.
The company Viaden Gaming offers games of all popular genres in the casino. All slots that the Viaden company produces are easily integrated into any online casino and have a large number of settings. In addition, the provider offers an opportunity to work on the principle of White Label, which is very convenient and popular today.
In addition, the great advantage of the Viaden corporation is that the company offers a lifetime warranty and technical support for online casinos and also to the players who installed the software of this company.
One of the most popular slots of the Viaden company is called “House of Scare”. In this slot, the participant is waiting for a trip to a gloomy mansion with terrible, but funny inhabitants. The graphics in the game are at a high level; all the pictures are animated and look amazing. Sound accompaniment perfectly matches with the theme of the game and is filled with all sorts of sounds that the characters of the game can express. Please note that in the game settings you can disable background music, select the volume level of music and sounds, and change the speed of the game and other functions. Also in House of Scare there is a bonus game. To start, you need to appear on the reels at least three characters with the inscription Bonus. In the bonus game, you are invited to choose one of the three heroes who will compete in the coffin race.
In addition, you have the opportunity to increase any winnings in this slot. It is necessary to guess the color of the card that will open. If you are successful, your winnings will double. This slot is very popular among users.
The Viaden’s collection of slots is easy to distinguish in the general range of gambling. Introductory video will help the player navigate and prepare for the events that will unfold on the screen.
In addition, guests of the casino have a large list of slots from Viaden, which includes: Let ’em Ride, Oasis Poker, Texas Holdem and other slots. If you love travel and adventure then you will also find stunning slots that will take you back to the historical era.

Info about mobile software slots of Viaden Gaming

The Belarusian company Viaden Gaming recently have presented to the public a new development for the mobile iOS platform, on which all Apple gadgets can work. The new development will be called “white_label_casino”. This technology is fully implemented in a modern 3D format. It can support the maximum resolution of mobile device screens. White-label casino of Viaden is a gambling establishment where the game is played for real money, besides in 3D format and HD quality. It is planned that 10 different slots will be available in the online casino.
According to the representatives of the Viaden company, this product is a result of many years of research and development in this direction. As it have become well-known, the version of the online casino you can buy and download in the app store. So, do not waste time, download and play!
Many users have repeatedly asked representatives of different companies to develop something new for the devices of Apple Company. Viaden Gaming Corporation always listens to the wishes of its customers!

Why is Viaden Gaming so successful?

The undoubted advantage of Viaden Gaming products is its availability. Each gambler can launch a slot he likes, the quality of which is beyond doubt. The proposed entertainment package complies with international standards, which is confirmed by the license. Of course, it is worth paying attention to the fact that video slots of the company Viaden Gaming are available in demonstrative versions. This proposal is beneficial to gamblers, since it removes financial constraints. This means that the user can familiarize himself with the slot and build his own strategy of the game.
The Viaden company’s website says that the Viaden software is available in different languages. In the chosen direction, the company works very successfully. The Viaden company continues to work on new projects, which are sure to be interesting for the users. After all, those slot machines that are presented today in the market of online gambling are surprising with the amazing three-dimensional graphics, a variety of bonus features, user-friendly interface and other advantages.

Info about software of Viaden company

The Viaden’s platform has a small number of slots. However, these models are very creative and well executed. They are characterized by the presence of bright design, graphic special effects, appropriate musical accompaniment, and a large number of special characters and additional mini-rounds, animating the standard course of the game process.
Viaden Gaming offers software for online casinos. The current casino offer includes a wide range of slots. Modern social games are offered as web games or applications that are very similar to popular board games or traditional online games.
Viaden social slots are available on the most popular platforms and allow players to choose their favorite slots. Users receive special offers and daily bonuses as well as the opportunity to compete with their friends.
In addition, social slots are created for fun and do not require licensing, which makes them unquestionably legitimate in all countries around the world. Regardless of the game you prefer, you can now play them anywhere and anytime.

Conclusion and Verdict about Viaden and its slots

It should be noted that video slots from the Viaden manufacturer are distinguished by excellent functionality, simple control, high quality graphics and animation. The activity of the novice Viaden company in the online gambling world was highly appreciated by the customers, which allows us to hope for its rapid development and expansion of the circle of customers. A serious approach to studying the needs of customers allows Viaden to differentiate approach to product creation, harmoniously combining the pleasant design of slots with a high percentage of return. All slots from Viaden are available for downloading and subsequent installation on the user’s gadget.
Of course, compared to more well-known manufacturers, the Viaden company cannot yet boast of a large number of slot machines, but the current content from the manufacturer is distinguished by the presence of interesting topics of slots.
The company Viaden is interesting by its slots with excellent graphics. Considering the fact that the company is quite young, and the slots offered are quite diverse and qualitative, we can state that Viaden is waiting for a great future.