PlayPearls software slots

There are studios, without which the slot industry couldn’t exist. PlayPearls is one of them. These guys from Malta are working hard every day of the year just to provide an appropriate experience for all types of gamers. If a user has never seen any sort of slots, then he/she will be shocked facing the PlayPearls projects. They are great in terms of visual representation because of using modern engines that provide amazing visual effects and animations without special requirements to the hardware.
PlayPearls provides an access to a lot of slots from any country. A gamer only has to have a good connection to the net in order to get the latest version of any slot. All of them are represented on pages of online casino providers. The user does not have to pay anything in order to play them, as long as he/she needs because almost all the projects include demo versions. These variations of slots have an in-game currency, which the gamer can use in order to bet without making any deposits.
It is important for those gamers that enjoy the PlayPearls slots for the first time. They will easily figure out how they can operate with the PlayPearls projects. A player can open the slots in a standard web-browser. They will automatically analyse the resolution of the screen and adapt the overall design, so the gamer could play with comfort on any device.

Software PlayPearls
Paylines 20
Progressive No
Multiplier No
Bonus Games No
Free Spin Yes
Jackpot 30

However, it is recommended to use the official PlayPearls soft for slots on personal computer or laptops. It will give much better performance and smoothness to the gameplay.
Another thing that the player should do in order to get maximum profit out of the PlayPearls slots is to sign up through their website. By doing so, he/she will get his/her own PlayPearls profile with an ability to store all saves and data on cloud drives. It comes helpful for the gamers who do not sit at home and like to travel. They can just continue their gaming session anywhere they would like because all the progress can be synchronized online.
PlayPearls tries to produce the slots to be easy for all types of players, so the gamer does not have to be a professional in computer science to make bets. He/she can pay for them with the use of almost any banking system. It can be not only VISA or MasterCard, but also literally any web service, like Maestro, PayPal or anything like that. Sometime in the future, the gamer will have a chance to pay with crypto-currencies, like Bitcoin.
All PlayPearls financial transfers are instant, so it will not take long for them to complete. However, even if something happens, the player can always contact the PlayPearls support team. They will make everything possible to make sure that your problem will be solved.
With the PlayPearls slots, the gamer will forget how it feels to be bored. They always work on providing the best for its players, so be sure to leave some feedback on any page with the PlayPearls slots. The developers read them and figure out what they can do to improve the gameplay and the overall look of their projects.

Popular slots from PlayPearls

A studio can become famous only with the help of legendary slots. And PlayPearls has a couple of them. Experienced players can easily name such projects: Star Trex, Enchanted Lot, Big Game Hunter and many more. But what is so interesting about these games from PlayPearls?
They were made with the love to the development process. Every bit of the code was written by professional coders and then drawn by good artists. If the gamer looks closer to some PlayPearls slots, then he/she will find out that some are based on well-known franchises. It can be movies, music or books. Either way, the player will find familiar faces in these games.
The gamer should know – there are a couple types of the PlayPearls slots. But no matter which one he/she will chose, the main objective will be the same – to collect matching slots on the paying line in order to increase the winning score.
It is the fastest way to win big prizes. The gamer just needs to remember a couple of PlayPearls game combinations. By developing his/her own strategy, the gamer will get the maximum profit out of the PlayPearls slots.
The gamer can choose vintage three-reel slots or the modern ones with five-reels. All of them are represented perfectly, featuring only different difficulty. If you want to feel nostalgia and a hard-core gameplay, then just go on and use the classic variation of the PlayPearls slots. However, a new player should start with modern ones.
But it does not mean that PlayPearls provides slots only. There are a couple of table games from this developer that are posted on pages of online casinos. They are much more realistic in terms of visual representation. The main benefit of this type of games – they include some social interaction with other players, like leaderboard or asynchrony multiplayer.

PlayPearls mobile software slots

The gamer can enjoy the PlayPearls slots not only on a PC, but also on any other device with active connection to Wi-Fi or Cellular Data. Just open these games on a smartphone or a tablet and they will work properly, no matter how small your gadget is.
To make this possible the designers from PlayPearls reimagined the user interface, so it would look properly on all devices. They made links and buttons much bigger to help the gamer to control the gaming process with the help of a touch screen.
The next thing, they have made in the portable versions of the PlayPearls slots is adding a couple of functions, like “Auto Play”. The gamer can activate it and the game itself will bet automatically for a specified number of times. It comes helpful for the gamers that cannot sit at home all the time. In this case, they will only need to check stats from time to time just to know how many coins they have already won. Everything else is up to the PlayPearls slots.
Another good function is “Maximum Betting”. However, the player should be careful using it. This option will put at stake all the money that the gamer has in the PlayPearls slots. It means he/she can either win big prizes or lose everything at once. If the user thinks that the risk is worth it, then he/she should go on by activating the function.

Special details about PlayPearls slots

PlayPearls does not use engines from other manufacturers, creating its own technologies to deliver the best sots. That is why the player can find so many good games, like Golden Dragon. This slot is not only good because of animations and special effects, but also because of the good soundtrack and colourful images.
The gamer will fall in love with the slots from PlayPearls because they are enjoyable not only on casino websites, but also on pages of Facebook. The studio has a deal with this social media mastodon to give people a chance to enjoy slots even if they are at work, so no one could know about it.

PlayPearls long path to success

PlayPearls was created back in the 2012. It was a tough year, internet started to become more popular than ever, so many studios started to transfer their physical slots in the digital format. Nevertheless, the advantage of PlayPearls was in original projects that were made specifically for the web pages.
They did not adapt any existing game, making the new slots from scratch. They delivered a big library of projects that the gamer could enjoy right away without lugs and issues with the performance.


PlayPearls is well-known among players, not only as the slot developer, but also as the studio that creates pieces of art. Almost any project from these guys can be treated as a masterpiece. They do not stop improving their skills.
As of now, PlayPearls is working on creating new type of games – live broadcasting. The key difference from slots is that the gamer will have to learn rules, as without them he/she will not have good enough skill to win big prizes.
PlayPearls is a kind of magic for experienced gamers, as they should remember times, when there were no digital slots. People needed to search for specific institutions, in which they would have a chance to play some games.
But now they have an access to the whole library of the PlayPearls slots without any need to leave their homes. However, even if they want to go somewhere, they can always get the games with them to continue their PlayPearls session without losing any progress.
Just understand that the PlayPearls slots are entertainment products and were created to help people to relax after a long working day. If the gamer wants to make money with these games, it is his/her own choice. Nevertheless, do not lose your mind over this idea.