Paf Inroductional Review

The first thing to tell about Paf casino is their charity program. Paf company is one of those organizations who see in gambling an opportunity of not only draining money gamblers, but to send obtained resources for charity and improvement overall society level in its own country.
Hosting slots from such titans as NetEnt and Microgaming, Paf also has a plenty of their own slots people can play.
When it comes to recent 2018, Paf holds a strict position of a charity casino with a slight opportunity for players to win jackpots in their slots, however, the main idea is to collect invested money and share them with those in need.
The second thing to understand is that Paf not just a slots development team, yet a true online casino, licensed and driven under governmental rules, and is oriented for fun and world-improvement more than on actual gambling process.
Up to now, Paf holds more than 40 original slots, all of which are theme-based with simple yet stylish design, created only for the sake of gameplay.
All Paf slots are available both for mobile devices on Android and iOS operating systems and for laptops and desktops if downloaded to PC via casino application or run via instant play mode at the Paf company’s website.

Most Popular Paf slots
Trench Life – Make Fortune, Not War

Though the amount of original slots is not so huge, each of them is memorable and fun.
The most-played popular slots at Paf casino are the Nordic Vikings, The Time Machine, Animal Farm, Trench Life, Hot Pot and King Vegas.
Since all the Paf slots are similar to each other, the main thing that differs is design which help players to be involved in the gameplay. For instance, The Time Machine is done within steampunk style with lots of gears and mechanisms that symbolize machinery and time travelling throughout eons from lost forgotten past to the darkest future. The Vegas King slot, in its turn, is devoted to traditional casino lifestyle, while the Animal Farm slot has casual and adorable portraits of different animals who can be met at farm.
Meanwhile, the Trench Life slot, tells players a story about war, showing soldiers in foxholes, depicting horrible events in ironical and sarcastic manner and talks about hard topics in humorous way, and the Hot Pot is a slot about a hard life of a chef, who tries to handle customers’ orders.
The most colorful and interesting, from designer’s point of view, except for The Time Machine, of course, is the Nordic Vikings slot. It is very since as this slot contains truly unique atmosphere of old Scandinavian folklore and brings users back to time when drakes, conquerors and brave berserks actually lived.
Each of listed slots has its own hidden bonus games, wildcard jokers that simplify gameplay, if obtained during slots playthroughs.
Moreover, Paf company allows users to play their slots for free before investing any real money in order to let people try them out and decide if they indeed want to do that.
All listed slots have simple, yet practical design, focused on bare gameplay which makes slots at Paf casino causal, entertaining and fast-paced, created for the sake of fun and enjoyment.

Paf casino mobile slots
Hot Pot – Serve Good – Be Chef

Being focused on PC desktop users, Paf slots became available on mobile devices only recently, when smartphones and tablets became widely spread among users.
At this time, all the slots at Paf casino are available to be downloaded to mobile devices with Android or iOS operating systems.
Moreover, slots at Paf company can be played online instantly on smartphones and tablets if the device supports either Macromedia Flash or HTML-5 technology.
In this case, there is no need to download Paf slots directly to the device. Instead, it is enough to open page with chosen slots in mobile browser and play them there.

Paf slots special features
The Time Machine – Be Rich Now, Not in the Past

As for Paf slots exactly, they are typical, ordinary and traditional, yet, charming and memorable. It is so since firstly Paf company used Microgaming engine, and then developed their own iGaming editor which allows them to create own slots right now.
The main feature behind all Paf slots is the very idea of the company.
Paf company provides slots for people joy in order to improve society level of its own country. To be simple, Paf delivers slots for fun online in order to create happiness in real life.
And all these good deeds, this idea of bright and happy future is embedded into their slots along with adorable design and slots gameplay.
Paf slots are always full of light and filled with hope of bright and brave new world.
All Paf slots are relaxing and comfy, which perfectly suits for casual game flow.
Moreover, they may contain hidden games which are hard to unlock, yet, when it happens, the slots themselves change their design solutions and transform to new games with slightly changed mechanics.
The key point of Paf slots is their simplicity and casualty which make them suitable for all players of all nationalities and languages. It is easy to understand what actions are required to play their slots, and adorable design makes them even cuter, funny and uchable, even addictable in some way, and these are the main advantages of such slots.

Paf Company History

Paf company itself has been established in 1966 as a union of several charity organizations in Finland.
Up to now, in 2018 Paf holds gambling monopoly throughout Aland Island and Finland.
However, firstly, Paf begun as a cooperation of following groups: Save the Children, Finnish Red Cross and Dagens Barn.
All the listed organizations were devoted to society level improvement and were rather non-profitable than money-gaining companies.
Since that times, the idea of turning gambling business into charity-promotion investment appeared, and the leaders of listed organization decided to cooperate together in order to establish the following company.
The Internet campaign begun at the end of 1990th decade, and since that time it became one of the famous online casino services.
Since then, Paf casino has obtained its reputation of charity-oriented online casino platform, created their own iGaming engine based on Microgaming software and created more than 40 different titles, and new slots are to come.
Along with that, Paf continues to collect charity investments and share them to people in need.
Up to now in 2018 Paf casino is named as the most socially responsible gaming company. Paf casino was awarded with such title in 2015.
As for charity, Paf casino donated its money to the following institutes: art, culture, social and environmental activities, youth and sports, leadership, event and projects that contributes to as well as overall social development and improvement.
Yet, not everything was good. Almost since the time of its creation, Paf had a constant opponent – Veikkaus, which is also a social casino, yet, non-profitable in its core.
The main reason for Paf and Veikkaus discussions and lawsuits were held around Paf’s own profit from their gambling platforms and slots, while Veikkaus, in its turn, positioned themselves as a true charity organization who shared its profit with all the people in need.
The lawsuits led to Paf’s restrictions within its own country and requirement to spread out their field of responsibility and market to other neighbor countries such as Italy, Spain, Aland Islands, UK and EU regions.
Paf has the world-wide support, yet, it is still infamous within its own land.


To sum up, Paf casino strives to achieve the shed bright light of a new world for its own country and its neighbors. Using gambling slots for the sake of charity nowadays does not seem as something new or revolutionary, yet, back then, when it’s only started, it was indeed something interesting and the thing which was not done before.
Its slots contain unique atmosphere of comfort and casualty which make players feel relax and joy from what they are doing, and the very idea that by investing their money, they can also win something, yet, first of all, help those in need, motivates people to play more and more.
Addictiveness through the slots design, overall adorable and cutness of the gameplay makes Paf slots attractive and keeps people with them.
Their games both available for online instant play and mobile devices, can be run in demo play for fun mode and for real money, if players are ready to risk.
Moreover, in order to broaden its options, Paf hold games from other slots development companies and creates partnership with such groups in order to unite under the one flag of brave new future, where everyone is happy.