If you are just an ordinary player in a casino and choose games, being not particularly interested in the history of their producers, then a name like Nektan, probably will not say you anything. However, in the world of gambling entertainment, this brand has long been well known. Nektan was founded as one of the MFuse brands in 2015, and in such a short period, the company managed to show itself well in the field of gambling machines and gaming platforms. Today, many world casinos and even expert organizations want to cooperate with this young brand, as behind the back of Nektan is an excellent background and an impressive portfolio of slots.

History of Nektan

The MFuse, company that, in fact, founded Nektan, was formed in 1980. During this time, it has grown to an international corporation recognized by most of the world’s expert organizations in the gambling world and has received many awards and prizes. At a certain stage, MFuse began to create various subsidiaries to strengthen the market. One of these brands was Nektan. The company appeared at the dawn of the next wave of popularity of gambling and quickly began to recruit its unique audience.
To date, Nektan does not have any tangible awards, but looking at the pace of the company’s development, it is obvious that this is just a matter of time. Fans of interesting slots already noted its eccentricity and the desire to swim against the current, creating really exciting and unique slots.

Nektan slats features

Let us take a closer look at the game slots from Nektan: why are fans so fond of them, and why do more and more virtual casinos open their doors to the creations of this manufacturer?
The answer to this question is that Nektan aims to use the user experience to create the most convenient and attractive slots for a player, in which it is possible to completely immerse. But besides this, there are other significant advantages:
· The use of high-quality and cool animation to create the most smooth and live interfaces. For this purpose, Nektan employs a team of experienced animators from around the world.
· The advanced Slots 360-degree technology allows you to create magnificent 360-degree panoramic animations. In turn, these slots can be played by users who have VR-glasses to enjoy the fullest and clearest immersion in the world of gambling without leaving your own home. To manage a panoramic image with the help of virtual reality glasses is very simple, and the player feels as if being in a real casino and playing with a “one-armed bandit”.
· Literate localization of games in more than 20 foreign languages. This allows to play Nektan slots to gamblers all over the world, and casinos are more likely to take in their portfolio slot machines that are available not only in international languages.
· Careful study of the interface, game characters and each element to create a holistic and maximally assembled design that attracts players and leaves them with the most incredible impressions. The Nektan team listens to the wishes of each player and creates slots that best match the expectations of the average user of online casinos.
Thus, Nektan took from its founder all essentials, and on this basis creates its own unique product, which integrates perfectly into modern technologies. This is another plus to consider Nektan a responsible and reliable manufacturer.
Separately, we should also highlight the technical features of the Nektan slot machines:
· Using a five-row interface model.
· Excellent coefficients of gambling machines return – the minimum value here is 96-97%.
· Honest random number generator, certified by eCOGRA.
· Complex game mechanics of bonus levels tied on combinations of certain game symbols or configurations of game drums.

Nektan mobile slots features

The mobile market is now developing quite rapidly, and more and more people prefer to use a portable tablet for entertainment than to buy a computer, especially since the hardware capacities of these categories of devices are almost equal. That is why one of the main directions of the development of Nektan is the segment of mobile gaming machines. The company does its best to transfer an array of technologies – high-quality animation and graphics, an interesting storyline and bonus slot mechanics – to mobile devices, and offer their owners to discover a new world of excitement.
In addition, the Nektan slot machines for mobile phones have an easier interface to work as uninterruptedly as possible even on devices with not very modern hardware.

The most popular Nektan slots

It is time to talk about the most popular games from Nektan, which are in demand not only in mobile but also in browser casinos. According to the results of polls of players who publish Gambling Magazine, we decided to select the top slots that players launch most often:
· Football Gladiators: an incredible slot machine in which the most popular sport today – football – is combined with spectacular gladiatorial fights. World-class players wear gladiator armour here, and every match becomes interesting and unpredictable.
· John Doe: go in search of a murderer with a cold-blooded detective who actually has superhero abilities that help him in solving crimes. The slot is famous for its animation, as well as interesting bonus mechanics.
· Dice on Fire: a combination of the good old game of the craps and a five-lane slot machine with the mechanics of the “avalanche” type, where the symbols do not spin on the drums, but simply fall from the top down, as if in “three-in-a-row” games. This is a very generous payout slot with a return rate of 96.4%.
· Simply Wild: Despite the vintage appearance, this slot hides a lot of bonuses and interesting plot twists. Be sure to try to play it for real money.
· Lord of Darkness: Does your neighbour sound like an angelic creature? This does not mean that it is worth staying nearby after sunset. Neighbourhood with an infamous psychiatric hospital only exacerbates the situation. It sounds like a seed to the beginning of a horror film, but among slot manufacturers, it is also quite a popular topic. Therefore, Nektan decided not to abandon such a plot, also having such a slot machine in the portfolio.
· Spartus: a slot machine that tells of the struggle of the brave warrior Spartus against the Roman conquerors. One of the first slots from Nektan based on a 360-degree technology, allowing gamblers to play it using virtual reality glasses.
· Fruit Smasher: another “fruity” slot with unusual mechanics: the game is somewhat like the cult app Fruit Ninja, in which you need to cut fruit. However, here the role of the katana is played by the technology of falling of game symbols, which brings to the standard slot machine much more fan.

What casinos do cooperate with Nektan?

Of course, this variety of interesting slots did not leave Nektan without casino attention. More and more virtual gambling houses offer cooperation to this manufacturer, especially as the partner conditions of the company are more than tempting. Among the partner companies of Nektan, you can meet the following virtual casinos:
· Spin Palace Casino;
· Ruby Fortune Casino;
· Omni Casino;
· Win A Day Casino and many others.
The area of ​​influence of Nektan in the market is gradually expanding because more and more casinos want to have in their portfolio progressive three-dimensional slots with 360-degree technology. Therefore, the moment when Nektan will become a world-famous company is not so far away.

The Nektan provider description summary

Taking into account all features of Nektan, we can say with confidence that the company gives the impression of a reliable manufacturer of slots. Excellent past, direct connection with the world leader in the person of the MFuse company and the emphasis on advanced virtual technologies make Nektan an excellent debutant in the gambling industry.