Slots software provider Multislot

The Company MultiSlot was founded in 2012 and is registered on the Isle of Man with the goal of creating games and software for casinos of terrestrial and network type. Initially, MultiSlot offeres only slots. And with the expansion became available back-office and game server for the stalls. Over the past few years, the number of projects has only grown and continues to increase. The mission of MultiSlot is to provide operators with world-class slots, services and customer support at a high level.
Excellent quality of slots is observed due to several key principles. First, MultiSlot builds close relationships with customers. MultiSlot owners receive the necessary technical assistance. Secondly, market trends are taken into account. MultiSlot, constantly keeping an eye on the pulse, provides information about the wishes of customers and takes this into account when creating new slots. Since the online casino industry demonstrates unrestrained growth, MultiSlot specialists are keeping pace with the times. The work is underway on the social and mobile market segment.

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MultiSlot software

MultiSlot offers a full package of services, tuned and ready for operation. For example, the back office of MultiSlot is used by many world brands in view of the fact that the software is very convenient in terms of customer service. This solution is really unique and has no analogues in the industry, based on the most effective tools for building a system. You can say that this is the most advanced and customizable office of all existing. Here are some features of slots:
· Easy integration and compatibility with other platforms (bookmaker, Live-casino, poker network);
· A unique system of bonuses that can manage several types of offers at once;
· Customizable reporting in digital and graphical form;
· The activity of currently playing users, the highest bid value, the average bet value, the amount of time spent at the table / machine;
· Marketing reports;
· Reports on winnings / losses;
· Graphical audit and bonus reports;
· Flexibly adjustable “lobby”;
· The function of a single purse.
MultiSlot also offers its back office for land operators. This includes the main types of transactions, as well as some features: management and monitoring of MultiSlot network, tracking of marketing companies, use of non-cash payments and discounting rates to reduce overhead costs.
MultiSlot did not ignore the mobile casino. It’s an extensive audience that consists of hundreds of millions of Android and Apple device owners. Players receive fresh, unique content that allows them to experience incalculable gambling emotions. There are also slots for social casinos. Slots are available on the Facebook network, which covers huge demographics. MultiSlot can attract a large number of new customers. And to strengthen marketing campaigns, tournaments are held, social hooks are used (unlocking the bonus for the word of mouth), levels of achievement, and so on.

MultiSlot games

The number of machines from MultiSlot at the moment is about two dozen. Most of them are slots. Also presented are table entertainments and variations of video poker. All applications provide player with an unforgettable and memorable experience.

Honesty and safety from MultiSlot

MultiSlot is officially registered on the Isle of Man, home too many gambling establishments and other software developers. In addition, MultiSlot is certified by the organization of Gaming Labs, and when creating slots, RNG is used, which guarantees an accidental outcome of the game.

Multislot gaming machines

In the field of gambling online, many companies have become famous in the market not only for the development of various slots, but also for software. One of such manufacturers is the organization Multislot, which initially only dealt with the development of slots. MultiSlot is operating relatively recently – since 2012, but during this time about twenty machines were created by Multislot, most of which are slots. After a while MultiSlot decided to expand its activities and create not only slots, but also all sorts of software for online casinos.

MultiSlot policy

Since the activities of Multislot went much further than the production of slots and other gambling, the company quickly succeeded in the delivery of software for slots. Many casinos, which entered into close cooperation with Multislot, began to actively use the company’s platforms, because they proved to be very convenient for the activities of online casinos. The software base, which is now used in many online gambling houses, has special options and features, with which the slots have become even more enthralling.
Feature of Multislot, as a software developer, is that MultiSlot takes into account all the latest trends in the market for gambling on the Internet. When working on a project, employees of the organization try taking into account the wishes of customers as much as possible, as a result of which slots of MultiSlot becomes unique. This approach has provided MultiSlot with an excellent reputation, and the original ideas used in the development of the next slots have become a kind of a business card of Multislot.

Multislot casino software for slots

Special systems for online casinos from Multislot differ not only in their ease of operation, but also in their versatility – the software of MultiSlot is compatible with many other platforms used in gaming halls. In addition to this, with the software from Multislot it became much more convenient to work with reporting:
· Information about the average and maximum values ​​of the bet;
· Information about bonuses;
· Statistics on the time that customers spend on slots.
With similar options and many other features available through the company’s software, MultiSlot management process is not only simplified, but also becomes much more productive. Also, MultiSlot is actively working on mobile casinos slots, which can be judged by the number of emulators of various slots for popular mobile platforms.

Advantages of MultiSlot slots

In those slots and several video poker players who have developed Multislot, you can play slots for free in demo mode or for money. It is also important that the win in all slots is quite large due to the high payout ratio. For this reason, it’s very profitable to play slots from MultiSlot for money. But for free, to pass the time by exciting slots, players will definitely like it, the more so that the training mode is available without registration. For a free game, you just need to select the demo tab, but to try your luck in the game for real money and get a solid win you’ll need to create an account.
Several slots are those that include elements of classic fighters in order to provide adrenaline rush to non-stop players to their players, while spinning the reels and trying to win big. Think James Bond, Strong Nut, Rambo or Alien – a lot of fighting and adventure, with turmoil and captures everything on its path. Offer you some excitement! Good guys, posing with their weapons and paying three kinds. Villains look at you hostilely as soon as they appear. In the game there are explosions, shots, sexy people … and most importantly, the maximum number of prizes, a lot of adrenaline and a high level of tension than in most other slot machines. Can you find grenades and blow them up to get more spins? Can you control the weapons and the bad guys to get more money? Can you scroll the reels to win a jackpot that exceeds your wildest desires? Play online slot machines to survive the dream of excitement and fun – and win a pile of money for your capital. Enjoy the thrill and dissolve in these games, and play like never before have you played.

Features of online machines MultiSlot

The MultiSlot gaming portfolio consists of 50 slots. Most of them are slot machines, but there are several devices with video poker and table games.
All slots received high-quality graphics. Another important feature of the slots is the high RTP value – 98%. In other words, slot machines from the company MultiSlot have a decent chance of winning.

Graphics and sound of MultiSlot slots

The symbols of slots depict different images. On additional symbols are the drawn card symbols. Drums revolve under a cheerful melody, perfectly in harmony with the general stylist of the apparatus. Melody, as it is in the saloons, performs a piano tamper.

Technical features of MultiSlot slots

Technically, slots are devices with 5 reels and vary from 1 to 25 lines. Slots will appeal to players who are accustomed to the classic gameplay. There are no nonstandard functions in it, which, incidentally, can hardly be considered a drawback.

Bids and bonuses of slots from MultiSlot

You can deposit up to 5 coins per line. The cost of the coin is adjustable from 1 to 50 credits. Slots are not without bonuses. The Wild symbol replaces ordinary signs and has maximum payout multipliers. The Scatter will give the participant up to 50 free spins with an additional payout multiplier.
MultiSlot is the gambling platform with interesting proposals for everyone and with best conditions for gaming.