Mazooma Interactive Games Introductional Review

Mazooma Interactive Games was established in 1997, and since then created more than 30 different titles, each of which featuring unique and adorable atmosphere and memorisable gameplay.
Currently, Mazooma Interactive Games creates slots for both the UK and foreign casino companies.
The main feature of the Mazooma Interactive Games slots is the amount of different options aside betting and spinning.
The Mazooma Interactive Games slots are available for both online instant play and mobile devices with either Android or iOS operating systems.
The list of online casinos, which publish the Mazooma Interactive Games slots include the following companies: Spin Palace Casino, Casumo Casino and many others.
The slots themselves exploit topics on Irish and Greek mythology, classic literature, Ancient Egypt, fairy tales and the never-ending robbers and policemen theme.
Up to 2018, the Mazooma Interactive Games company distributes its slots under the brand of Novomatic Group of Companies, holds partnership with such companies as 888Games, and Gala Coral Group. Aside from it, Mazooma Interactive Games is known as one of the most reliable and trusted slots company developer both in the UK and all around the world.

Software Mazooma Interactive Games
Paylines 50
Progressive No
Bonus Games Yes
Free Spin Yes
Jackpot 1000

Most Popular Mazooma Interactive Games slots
Wizard of Odds – The Yellow Brick is for Gold

It is hard to tell the most brilliant and captivating Mazooma Interactive Games slots among all of their products. Yet, according to users’ votes, here is the list of top six Mazooma Interactive Games slots from the very beginning until recent days. They are: ShowTime, Disco Inferno, Mental Money Monsters, Shooting Stars Supernova, Money Spinner, Crazy Reels. Now let us look closer to each of them.
ShowTime is a classic slot, which brought fame to Mazooma Interactive Games. The core gameplay is traditional slots gameplay, yet, brought to absolute, which made this slot one of the best ones ever developed. Overall, it provides 5 reels, 20 paylines with max bet up to 500. Aside from that, the ShowTime slot contains bonus rounds and additional free spins. Unfortunately, this slot does not have default mobile devices support.
The second slot to mention at Mazooma Interactive Games is Disco Inferno, which is all about club disco culture. It is the first slot, which found its popularity in the United Kingdom, and then – all around the world. As for the gameplay, it provides an unlimited minimum and a maximum bet, 5 reels, 20 paylines and contains free spins.
The third slot at Mazooma Interactive Games to tell about is Mental Money Monsters. Again, it is a traditional classic video slot with attractive and fluent gameplay, which makes the project so impressive and cool that it is interesting to be played even now in 2018. As for its features, this slot contains 5 reels, 20 paylines, a limited maximum bet up to 500. Along with that, Mental Money Monsters has additional bonus rounds and free spins, which make the overall gameplay even more involving and intriguing.
The fourth most-played slot at Mazooma Interactive Games is Shooting Star Supernova. This slot is about intergalactic cosmic setting and about falling stars, of course. Overall adorable design and fluent gameplay make this slot interesting and worth playing. Aside from that, the slot has 5 reels, 20 paylines, minimum bet is limited to 0.50, while the maximum one can be no more than 100. Regretfully, this slot does not have any bonus rounds. Yet, there are free spins and mobile devices support for both Android and iOS operating systems.
The fifth slot at Mazooma Interactive Games is Money Spinner. While there is nothing particularly special within this slot, its overall design and game flow makes it both interesting and worth to play for newcomers and old-school casino gamblers. Within its core, this slot contains 5 reels, 20 paylines, its minimum bet is limited to 0.2, while the maximum one is 500. Along with that, there are additional bonus rounds and free spins. Still, this slot does not support mobile devices by default.
And the sixth most-played slot at Mazooma Interactive Games is Crazy Reels. The first thing to mention is the fact that it was created for arcade machines at first place, and then was ported to PC and online access. Taking this fact into attention, it is necessary to understand that there are no special features except a bare gameplay, yet, offering absolute drive and tension ever possible. The slot contains 3 reels, 5 paylines, the slot`s minimum bet is limited to 0.5, while the maximum one reaches 100. It has additional bonus rounds, however, there are neither free spins nor default mobile support.

Mazooma Interactive Games Mobile Software
Money Spinner – Spin Freely – Be Rich

According to the direct information from the Mazooma Interactive Games website, there are only 9 recent slots created specifically for mobile devices with iOS and Android operating systems. They are Gemstone Jackpot, Diamonds of Fortune, Fruit Drops, Cleopatra Queen of Slots, Cops ‘n’ Robbers Mobile, Happy Fruits Mobile, Spinderella Mobile, Rainbow Reels Mobile and Wizard of Odds Mobile.
Aside from that, here is the list of the most regular Mazooma Interactive Games casino publishers: Casino Room Casino, Guts Casino, Leo Vegas Casino, Casumo Casino and Spin Palace Casino. All of the listed publishers provide support for mobile devices of most part of the Mazooma Interactive Games slots.

Mazooma Interactive Games Features

Spinderella – The Fortune Won’t Wait – Take It While It’s Not a Pumpkin
The main feature of most Mazooma Interactive Games slots is their localization. Most of them are designed for the UK users with English mentality in mind.
Secondly, the Mazooma Interactive Games slots were mostly designed for arcade machines, and only after that are ported for online instant play and mobile devices. Thus, their slots are tested by real hard-core gamblers within the walls of actual casino buildings.
And the third thing about Mazooma Interactive Games, the most important one, is the level of security. English companies are famous for their assurance. People can trust them, and thus make deals with such companies. Playing the Mazooma Interactive Games slots, gamblers can be assured that their winning cash is safe and can be surely withdrawn from the Mazooma Interactive Games user account right at once they want to. Moreover, the Mazooma Interactive Games projects are checked by Alderney Control Commission, which is also good for additional trust.

History of Mazooma Interactive Games

Being established in the UK in 1997, Mazooma Interactive Games quickly gained its reputation as one of the most powerful and interesting slots developers for both arcade machines and online gambling.
Aside from that, Mazooma Interactive Games holds its own website with an opportunity to play their slots both via online instant play and from smartphones and tablets, which use either Android, iOS or Windows Mobile operating systems.
Aside from that, Mazooma Interactive Games obtained partnership and became a part of Novomatic Group of Companies. From now on, it also holds partnership with other big companies.
Aside from that, Mazooma Interactive Games launched their own Bell-Fruit Casino in 2014 with the support of HTML-5 and Macromedia Flash technologies and opportunity to login from mobile devices.
Up to now, Mazooma Interactive Games holds the majority of the UK casino market for both online and arcade slots and distributes its slots all around the world.


To sum up, Mazooma Interactive Games provides traditional and trusted slots, which are tested first of all by hardcore casino players in real life, and then ports them to online platforms.
The main features of the Mazooma Interactive Games slots are tense gameplay, traditional English atmosphere and security, which is provided by the trusted commissions.
Along with that, Mazooma Interactive Games holds its own casino and allows the users to play their slots directly from the Mazooma Interactive Games website.
If it’s not enough, Mazooma Interactive Games provides the slots on a plenty of different topics from classic books, such as Wizard of Oz (Wizard of Odds slot), Charlie and Chocolate Factory (Willy Wonga’s Cash Factory), and Clockwork Orange (Clockwork Oranges) to Ancient Egyptian and Greek mythologies, and many other familiar topics and brands, which are rich for ideas for slots and other such games.
The only minus of Mazooma Interactive Games is the fact that most of their slots cannot be played for free without a registered account.
Thus, if you are ready to play, being not sure from where to start, feel free to create an account on the Mazooma Interactive Games website and try out their slots. Tense and classic gameplay, traditional slots and a set of themes will help you to make up your mind if you would like to play such games further.