Lightning Box Games

In the insane competition among gambling manufacturers fighting for the attention of a user, it is sometimes difficult to meet someone who does not perceive casino customers solely as a machine for making money. Lightning Box Games, however, can be called such a brand: they create slots with not only accurate mathematical calculations and impartial probability theory, but also listen to users and learn their game psychology. Over every slot of 45 models presented in the Lightning Box Games portfolio, the whole team of professionals works in a variety of areas, and the result of such a systemic approach plays off.
In this review, we will consider the main pillars of the attractiveness of Lightning Box Games as a brand for both players and partners.

History of Lightning Box Games

Lightning Box Games was founded in 2014, and despite such a short period of time of being a slot manufacturer, it has already managed to gain a good foothold not only in the European, but also in the Asian market, which speaks well of its aspiration and professionalism.
Lightning Box Games is a part of iGaming Business, an organization that deals with gaming analytics around the world, tracking trends and producing some independent developers. iGaming is also authorized to issue certificates informing a player that the casino adheres to a transparent payout policy and cooperates only with trusted producers.
Therefore, it is not surprising that today Lightning Box Games uses the achievements of the company-analyst and creates really fascinating and unique slots on its basis.

Software Lightning Box
Paylines 40
Progressive No
Multiplier Yes
Bonus Games No
Free Spin Yes
Jackpot 8000

Lightning Box Games slots features

What are the advantages of Lightning Box Games in comparison with other brands, and why are more and more modern virtual casinos looking to cooperate with this manufacturer? The answer lies in the fact that Lightning Box Games has a lot of advantages, obtained as a result of a close cooperation with one of the best gambling analysts. Here are just a few of them:
· Lightning Box Games creates gaming machines based on user feedback, and user interfaces sampling. Thus, the slots of this company have the most understandable and convenient game interface.
· Special attention should be paid to the game mechanics of the slots of Lightning Box Games. The company tries to move away from the usually predictable plots and introduces interesting moments of game mechanics using both different configurations of game drums and extended properties of icons, such as Scatter and Wild. Thus, Lightning Box Games each time creates unique and not annoying slots, which, of course, please even the choosiest players.
· The localization of games from Lightning Box Games is handled by the whole team of professionals who translate the interface of slot machines into more than 20 languages ​​so that users of virtual casinos around the world can play them.
· The random number generator from the Lightning Box Games producer passed the integrity check from leading gambling auditors, so casinos cooperating with the company as an affiliate program can be sure that they are offered with reliable software.
Technical features of Slots Lightning Box Games also cannot be left without attention. The company’s line-ups contain many requirements for the creation and design of slot machines, but we will highlight those that attract players most:
· Using special characters and their advanced features to create a nonlinear game process.
· Transparency of the random number generator allows you to produce slots with a higher return rate than competitors.
· Almost every model of a slot machine from Lightning Box Games has a nice and tempting jackpot, or a lot of cash bonuses and generous hidden levels, which invariably pleases players.
· The use of modern technologies, such as panoramic video, augmented reality, 360-degree video allows not only playing slots from Lightning Box Games to people who have fixed computers, smart phones and tablets, but also using virtual reality glasses for a complete immersion in the atmosphere.
Thus, the slot machines of this manufacturer can satisfy the demands of even the most sophisticated gamblers.

The Lightning Box Games` mobile slots features

The mobile market is now developing quite rapidly, and more and more people prefer to use a portable tablet for entertainment than to buy a computer, especially since the hardware capacities of these categories of devices are almost equal. That is why one of the main directions of the development of Lightning Box Games is the segment of mobile gaming machines. The company does its best to transfer an array of technologies – high-quality animation and graphics, an interesting storyline and bonus slot mechanics – to mobile devices, and let their owners discover a new world of excitement.
In addition, the Lightning Box Games version for mobile phones has an easier interface to work as uninterruptedly as possible even on devices with not very modern hardware.

The most popular Lightning Box Games slots

It is time to talk about the most popular games from Lightning Box Games, which are in demand not only in mobile but also in browser casinos. According to the results of polls of players who publish Gambling Magazine, we decided to select the top slots that players launch most often:
· Dolphin Gold: at first glance, this slot does not look special: only 40 active lines and 5 game drums. However, you should start it, as it immediately becomes clear that Wild in the slot machine has much more functions than it seems. It can easily double your winnings or increase it six-fold if you fill the entire playing field with gold dolphins. This model is definitely worth to be tried out!
· Lost Temple: here it becomes almost immediately interesting. This slot can not only please a player with 1024 possible combinations of symbols, but also has interesting mechanics in bonus levels: thanks to the function of Hold’n’Spin, you can keep the rotation of one or more game drums, climbing the steps of a temple to meet your wealth. This game definitely can surprise even the most sophisticated players!
· Mystic Wilds: This slot is inspired by the way of Native Americans` life. Moreover, here you can win an unimaginable jackpot – 1.25 million bets! That is right, you can easily become a millionaire. Thanks to generous jackpots and unusual payouts, the game got to the top.
· Astro Cat: a very bright cartoonish slot inspired by Japanese culture and, in particular, anime cartoons. It attracts at first sight not only by a huge number of winning combos – and here you can find more than 1000 of them – but also really generous payments that will come to you, even if you decide to play at minimum rates!
· Diamond Tower: The name of this slot speaks for itself. Rob the world’s most secure bank, and the mountain of diamonds will be yours! This model also offers a bonus level, which is not similar to any ones from Lightning Box Games and even indistinctive for many manufacturers. The slot is definitely worth checking out!
· Silver Lion: in addition to 1024 active combos, the wins in this slot can add up and increase with each subsequent bonus spin! Thus, you can get a win equal to 27 original bets, which can constitute a whole fortune!

What casinos do cooperate with Lightning Box Games?

Of course, this variety of interesting slots did not leave Lightning Box Games without the attention of casinos. More and more virtual gambling houses offer cooperation to this manufacturer, especially considering the fact that the partner conditions for the company are more than tempting. Among the partner companies of Lightning Box Games, you can meet the following virtual casinos:
· Spin Palace Casino;
· Ruby Fortune Casino;
· Omni Casino;
· Win A Day Casino and many others.
The sphere of influence of Lightning Box Games in the market is gradually expanding because more and more casinos want to have in their portfolio progressive three-dimensional slots with 360-degree technology. Therefore, the moment when Lightning Box Games will become a world famous company is not so far away.

The Lightning Box Games provider description summary

Despite the fact that Lightning Box Games is a fairly small company, its ambitions can be seen a mile away. Making efforts to create high-quality gaming machines and basing on the user experience obtained from one of the world’s best gambling analysts, Lightning Box Games confidently goes to success and world recognition.