Slots software provider Fuga Games

Fuga Gaming is a British developer and software provider for slots gambling whose products are claimed in offline and online casinos on several continents.
Fuga Gaming has been operating in the gaming industry for more than twenty years. First it specialized in games for real casinos, but then many users of Internet portals recently opened for themselves video slots of Fuga Gaming.

General description of Fuga Gaming slots

Headquarters of Fuga Gaming is in London. It is a private company with several dozens of regular employees. Fuga Gaming creates slots gambling for offline casinos, as well as their virtual counterparts, including adapted mobile versions for smartphones and tablets.
The Fuga Gaming slots products are licensed by several gambling regulators, including the British Gambling Commission. The slots of Fuga Gaming are also certified by independent auditing organizations.

Games from Fuga Gaming

Next, it will be talked about models for online casinos from Fuga Gaming. Fuga Gaming offers over seventy-five gambling slots. Most of the Fuga Gaming products are video slots with 5 drums, including various bonuses, several types of special pictures, free-spins, relaunches and unique prize-winning functions.

Fuga Gaming as a well-known creator

Enjoy the choice of themes for the slots from Fuga Gaming. A pleasant impression is made by animation effects, interface functionality and adjustable parameters. Some Fuga Gaming slots are created using 3D graphics. In addition to video slots, roulette, video poker and other desktop and card games are featured in the portfolio of Fuga Gaming. The Fuga Gaming slots are based on HTML5 and Flash technology. The Fuga Gaming slots offer a very wide range of return: from 88% to 98%.
Many parameters are customized according to the wishes of Fuga Gaming. This applies to bet limits, language interface and other options. You can even change the name of the game and the design of its elements. All Fuga Gaming video slots are available in versions for mobile online casinos.

Partners of Fuga Gaming

At present, Fuga Gaming actively promotes its slots on the market of online gambling. They are already represented on popular online platforms of leading operators. Among them are Mr.Green, LeoVegas and other well-known institutions.
Fuga Gaming also collaborates with gaming platform providers, making its slots available to customers from around the world. So, since September 2016, the Fuga Gaming slot machines are available on Relax Gaming Silver Bullet System Portals.
Fuga Gaming has an impressive experience in the field of slots for offline casinos, but still remains a novice in the field of software for Internet gambling. In order to become one of the leaders of this direction, it needs to make tremendous efforts, since it is extremely difficult to squeeze out the biggest brands. Let us hope that operators and users will appreciate the high quality of the gaming slots from Fuga Gaming.

Fuga Gaming slots features

Fuga Gaming, the slots software manufacturer, has announced the launch of Bat Family. Bat Family from Fuga Gaming is a device with 5 reels and 30 paylines. The plot of the game unfolds around the events occurring in the family of vampires. Therefore the main characters are drawn in accordance with vampire theme. On the drums, you can see the vampires themselves, as well as a coffin, a garlic, a magic book, a skull, a mirror and some magic elixir.
In addition, the video slot from Fuga Gaming also has special features, which are called Free Games and Elixir Bonus. A combination of three or more Free Games symbols gives you an opportunity to play a few free spins, the number of which can vary depending on certain conditions. In total, you can get up to 99 free spins. However, if you get 5 Elixir Bonus characters right now, a bonus game will be automatically activated. There a gamer will have to select several chests in the pantry. In each chest, a cash prize is hidden. When Elixir Bonus is selected in the bonus round, the participant will immediately receive the maximum prize. In turn, three garlics will stop the game ahead of time. Also, the max prize of 10,000 coins can be obtained as a result of forming a combination of five characters with the Bat Family coat of arms, which should be aligned in one row.

Fuga Gaming introduced new video slots

A new game from Fuga Gaming is the Witchcraft gaming machine devoted to the world of magic. Casino’s gamblers will have to fight witches and sorcerers and solve mysteries of magic attributes to get solid payouts. The structure of the video slot from Fuga Gaming is divided into 5 active drums. Each column has a maximum of 3 characters.
Fuga Gaming in slot Witchcraft suggests experimenting with rates. It can be only 0.2 euros or 80. It all depends on what a player wants: to put a little and earn a gradual or to risk and get a solid increase to the deposit at a time. For a winning combination, you will need several identical icons, which should be arranged sequentially on the same line. The chain starts from the first column. The difference between Witchcraft from Fuga Gaming is that the casino player has a coefficient of up to 2500 available, which easily compensates for the absence of a round to double the bet.
A basic set of gaming decks consists of characteristic attributes of the Witchcraft world from Fuga Gaming. Here are you can find a black cat, an owl, a potion and a broom with magical properties. They complete the line of 4 letters, which replace the playing cards` denominations.
Among the special images of this unique Fuga Gaming slot are:
Pentagram. This is a character that can change a position of other images, making it easier to collect winning combinations on the playing field.
Witch from the ice. A wizard with an icy face activates a bonus round, in which you can significantly increase winnings and catch a solid reward.
Fiery Witch. This is a top-notch bonus symbol that opens free rotations. Free spins are paid through an online casino.
You can study the Witchcraft prize functions in the payout table. The video slot comes with option of an automatic game, when you only need to bet and wait for luck to give a win.

Advantages of choice Fuga Gaming slots

The Fuga Gaming slots are absolutely free, and the developer does not put any restrictions on users from different countries. The main benefits of Fuga Gaming slots:
Simple registration on the Fuga Gaming web-resource. All that is required is to indicate the name, login and password, as well as a mobile number or an e-mail address to which the activation code will be sent.
Choice. Fuga Gaming offers only proven slots, which differ not only in quality but also in high winnings. A great variety of genres and themes will appeal to even the most fastidious players. The Fuga Gaming slots attract a large number of players.
Suggestions. Everyone automatically participates in the loyalty program, which involves charging one point for every three and a half dollars in recharge, the player level and exchange rate are interconnected. A popular feature is bonus money.
Removing the funds received. US Dollars is the only gaming currency for the Fuga Gaming slots for real money. However, the official site supports a number of payment systems.
The Fuga Gaming slots are your chance to get the most out of money with the least waste of slots. You can always run a demo version and enjoy the gaming process that is especially convenient for those who are just starting out.

Fuga Gaming slots online – magnetic power of gambling

Multi-coloured lights of the Fuga Gaming slots and glare of bright displays from the hall, where the slots are installed, inspire unrestrained enthusiasts to experience fortune from the moment of its occurrence. Fuga Gaming is dazzling with beauty of its decoration, luxurious outfits of elegant ladies and chic costumes of men. The world of night-time fun is like a fairy tale, in which incredible dreams and desires are embodied.
While playing, a person enters into a peculiar trance state, similar to hypnotic influence of a swinging pendulum with word “victory” attached to the end. Fuga Gaming gives an opportunity to dive into an ocean with diverse amusements and floats towards fate. However, Fortune is not always favourable to a player. From time to time, it can make different tricks in form of incorrect combination of digits or unsuitable card suit, but it is not worth falling into the spirit. Add a few training session, analyse winning statistics and you are in prizes from the Fuga Gaming slots.

From sources to modern with Fuga Gaming slots

The earliest mention of a machine with monetary rewards appeared around 1887. They had a simple design and could not issue cash, so payments were made by the owner of the institution. Further, a jackpot was invented – a special mechanism in which gain increased by adding the amount of money lost at previous attempt. From that time, anyone could try happiness.
Playing slot machines has become fashionable and technical progress could not bypass the talented mechanics of German descent, but in the future a worthy citizen of America – Charles Fairy. It was he who became a “father” of the Liberty Bell slot machine, consisting of three drums arranged in numbers. With a successful rotation of these disks, it was possible to get a necessary combination of numbers and win up to five dollars. The nickname “one-armed bandit” the devices earned thanks to a side-mounted grip to launch the game.
Meaning of the game on the Fuga Gaming slots is a random dropout of prize combinations, for example, coincidence of drawings on a similar line. Classically it was customary to depict number seven, bells, cherries and fruits. Later new symbols were added: rectangles with the inscription BAR, ingots of gold, letters and other numbers. Game on the Fuga Gaming slots is very simple – it does not require professional training, studying long instructions and is suitable for men, women and children.
The Fuga Gaming slot machines in online versions will bring the sea of ​​excitement and will be able to tickle the nerves of even most durable gamers. The difference from real slot machines lies in the start button, which is now on a keyboard, as well as in complete insurance against financial losses at unfavourable outcome of events.