Foxium software slots

Foxium is one of those studios that do not sit still, always trying to create unique and funny projects for a wide audience of players. As the players may know, slots have changed in a recent couple of years and that is normal. Nothing is the same anymore. Besides, they provide much more ways for a player to enjoy every aspect of classic gambling.
Back in the days, people should have search for slots on the streets of their cities. But now they can find what they want on the internet with the help of Foxium. These guys are working on great games all the time and they will never stop getting better.
The first thing the player should know about the Foxium slots – they are totally free to enjoy, containing demo versions with in-game currencies that can be used to bet without using any deposits. It will help newcomers to understand basic mechanics.
After becoming familiar with the Foxium slots, a gamer can make a couple of payments. However, do not be scared, all your information is encrypted and transfers are operated instantly. The gamer will not have any problems with deposits in the slots from Foxium because they support almost any banking system you can find on the market today. They work correctly not only with VISA or MasterCard, but also with some web services, like Maestro and PayPal.

Software Foxium
Paylines 25
Progressive No
Multiplier Yes
Bonus Games No
Free Spin Yes
Game RTP 96.02%
Jackpot 2
Software Foxium
Paylines 50
Progressive No
Multiplier No
Bonus Games Yes
Free Spin Yes
Jackpot 5
Software Foxium
Paylines 20
Progressive No
Multiplier Yes
Bonus Games Yes
Free Spin Yes
Jackpot 30

Foxium is working hard every day of the year just to create the slots that gamers would like to play on daily basis. The first thing the player should do right after launching some slots from Foxium is to sign up through their website. It is the only way to get your personal profile, which you can use in any project from this studio.
The account of Foxium will give the player a chance to synchronize all his/her data and statistic on all devices at once without the use of cables or anything like that. Saves and info will be stored online on cloud drives, which means that the player can just sign in on any gadget without losing his/her progress.
It is helpful for the players who travel a lot. They do not want to sit at home while playing Foxium slots. That is why the developers decided to add this good Foxium function. What is more important, the player will have to understand, slots do not look like they did back in early 2000s. They have changed, just like everything in our world.
Nowadays, they look much like big budget movies with great special effects and interesting features, which every gamer can use. Foxium tries to make every slot unique, ordering work of the best artists to make sure that every bit of their projects will look gorgeous.
Almost all images from the Foxium slots were drawn from scratch with the use of the designers’ hands. They also use the “Return to Player” technology, which means that the gamer will get back almost ninety-six percent of all bets he/she will make in a long period of time.
Foxium should definitely be on your list of best developers not only because of their slots, but also because they care about you. They want to help you to relax. That is why they have made so many games with pretty a hasteless gameplay. These slots are meant to provide interesting and yet mind-blowing experience.

Popular Foxium slots

Nowadays, it is hard to find another studio that can provide as many good slots, as Foxium does. These guys have created tons of nice games, but there are those that are already titled as legends: Lucky Bakery, The Odd Forest, The Lots Riches of Amazon, FruitZ and many more.
All the slots are represented perfectly, with the use of bright colours and good mechanics. Foxium knew what they were doing, besides, they provide an access not only to vintage slots, but also to the modern ones. They are divided on the projects with three-reels and five-reels. However, it actually does not matter, what type of slots the player will chose to play – they all have the same main objective. It is important for the player to collect similar slots on the same paying line. It will help you to increase the winning score a couple of times.
The player does not have to be genius to win big prizes in Foxium slots. The games contain not only interesting storylines and characters, but also bonus systems. The player can get extra dollars for simply signing up. But he/she can also use the advantages of Foxium community.
If the gamer plays regularly, he/she will become a premium Foxium user. It provides many benefits. One of them is that the player will get a couple of multipliers to grow his/her bankroll. Even more important is the fact that you can play not only slots, but also table games that were made by Foxium.
These projects are represented differently than the slots, being the ones with much greater graphics and effects. Foxium added some social interaction to them, to make the table games look like multiplayer projects. The gamer needs to connect his/her Foxium account to the page on any social media network, like Facebook. It will allow him/her to invite other players from around the globe to join him/her in the lobby.

Foxium mobile software slots

The Foxium slots are available not only on personal computers. The gamer can also open them on mobile devices, like smartphones or tablets. To make it possible the designers from Foxium reimagined user interface completely.
All buttons and text are bigger than in standard versions of the Foxium slots. It was made so because the players on mobile platforms have no access to a keyboard or a mouse kit. They can play only with the use of their own fingers.
However, portable variations of slots have their own advantages. It is pretty good to use such Foxium functions that allow the gamer to simplify the gaming process. One of them is the Foxium “Auto Play” option. If the player activates it, the slot itself will put money at stake for a specified number of times. It comes in handy, when you are on a road trip, or somewhere outside of your home and do not have a chance to play all the time. The gaming session will not be ended and the gamer will still get some coins out of the Foxium slots.
Foxium has another helpful function, called “Maximum Betting”. It allows the player to put everything at stake with the use of a single button. Nevertheless, the gamer should understand how risky it can possibly be to use this kind of a function, especially when you have not so many dollars in the pocket.

Foxium – special things about their slots

Foxium was created in 2015 and since then they have made a lot of good slots. What makes them special is the dedication to themes and every aspect of the gameplay. The developers always work hard on providing new feeling to the player.
That is why Foxium has created many slots with the vampire and post-apocalypse themes. They are very emotional and yet pretty beautiful. The gamer can always find something he/she has not admitted at first, that is why it is so cool to get back, even to well-known titles.

Foxium and its way to the top

As you may know, Foxium is not a typical studio. They never stop, trying to get new contracts with other studios to make even more groundbreaking slots.
Foxium also tries to get attention from major online casinos. By doing so, they will have a chance to show their slots to a much wider audience of players. Even if the gamer does not understand English, he/she can still play the Foxium slots because it is always possible to change the language pack, if he/she would like to.


Foxium is one of those studios, which projects are not as big, as you might think, but you still love them because they are unique. These guys try to make their slots more and more successful every single time, and the player can see it by looking at the library of games that they release.
However, the fact remains the same – the main idea of the Foxium slots is in providing entertainment and pleasure out of a funny gameplay. The gamer can open the Foxium games after a gruelling day at work to relax. All of them are represented perfectly with the use of best technologies.
Important thing for the player to understand is that he/she does not have to waste all his/her time on playing the Foxium slots. He/she needs to build a strategy on which combos it is needed to use to get the biggest profit, and it will be good enough to play greatly.
Do not be ashamed to tell some info on Foxium to your friends. The developers will appreciate it. Besides, slots have become normal hobby, just like videogames or movies. They just need to be enjoyed, no matter how old you are. (Nevertheless, you need to be at least eighteen years old).