General Information on Merkur Gaming slots

Merkur Gaming is a German software developer. Merkur Gaming history spans for more than 60 years. This company has a wide range of slots. They may not have the most modern design but it doesn’t mean that Merkur Gaming slots are bad and not worth trying. This slots and games were designed to be very gamer-friendly. The visual content of slots has almost everything that gamers want nowadays. The Merkur Gaming team works really hard to deliver its customers the most pleasant gaming experience possible. Merkur Gaming slots’ design may not be considered all-modern, but it is a company with decades-long history, so we are pretty sure that they know what they are doing.
Merkur Gaming has a lot of exciting slots. Their slots’ names are familiar to many gamers. With a collection of over 150 slots and games titles, Merkur Gaming gives its customers a wide range of entertainment products to choose from. This also means that nearly anyone can choose something that will appeal to his or her tastes. The Merkur Gaming slots collection includes classic 3-reel, amazing 5-reel video options and exciting 4-reel with a huge range of themes. Actually, the number of themes and sources of inspiration for Merkur Gaming slots is truly impressive. This team gets really innovative when it comes to creating new themes for their slots and games.

Software Edict (Merkur Gaming)
Paylines 20
Progressive No
Multiplier No
Bonus Games No
Free Spin Yes
Game RTP 96.7%
Jackpot 50

For example, sometimes slots’ design looks old on purpose: Merkur Gaming has pixelated video games-like products that give players a feeling of finding their childhood favorite video games. Another example of Merkur Gaming creativity is Mission for 3. This slot brings a feeling of a detective fiction environment. But it is not just any detective fiction. You will get free spins while solving murder cases with a team of birds and animals. It is not what you would expect from a slot, but this makes the Mission for 3 and Merkur Gaming slots in general even more exciting. And what could be more exciting than an adventure?
It seems that the Merkur Gaming team members love stories about amazing adventures so much that they brought this theme into their games and slots. Most of them center on medieval European history and legends. There are slots with searching for magical items in order to gain their powers kings, slots with mythical creatures like dragons, and slots that are based on legendary heroes of Northern folklore.
And if you are more into the Middle Eastern aesthetics, Merkur Gaming has an amazing collection of slots that take players on a journey to the world of unbelievable luxury and exciting adventures of ancient Middle East. Merkur Gaming starts to create a needed atmosphere right from the beginning with slots’ titles, like Gold of Persia and Pyramid of Power. These are just a part of a huge Merkur Gaming collection. This gaming software developer produces incredible slots, and a huge number of Merkur Gaming slots doesn’t mean that they value quantity over quality. They are in the business not to create dozens of slots that look completely like one another. This company develops software for a long time and they still have passion for creativity. And their hard work totally pays off. Merkur Gaming already has slots and casino games that have become favorites among casino developers and players.

Most popular Merkur Gaming slots and casino games

As was mentioned earlier, Merkur Gaming has developed a huge list of games and slots. Some of them have received so much attention that they have become top games and slots of Merkur Gaming. One of products that are featured in this list draws inspiration from one of the most mysterious figures in Russian history. The Magic Monk Rasputin HD is a 3-reel and has 5 lines. Diamonds, gold, towers and magic – there is everything to create an amazing atmosphere. The next top Merkur Gaming product is Eye of Horus HD. Horus is one of the most well-known Ancient Egyptian gods. This 5-reel game is one of the Merkur Gaming slots that were inspired by ancient history.
If you are not that into history, check out a game that was inspired by jazz and American South, Spirit of the South HD is a 5-reel. It may have 40, 20 or 10 lines, depending on the casino operator which gets to choose the number of lines. With Merkur Gaming top products you get a slot that was inspired by a famous Russian monk-magician, an ancient Egyptian atmosphere and all that jazz.

General Information on Merkur Gaming mobile slots

Merkur Gaming is steadily entering lives of modern online gamblers. They extend their portfolio by creating new games and slots, as well as optimizing the old ones. But unfortunately Merkur Gaming is yet to step into the mobile gambling field. Reports claim that they are currently working on their first mobile device-friendly product. We wish them the best of luck and can’t wait to hear more about Merkur Gaming mobile slots!

What makes Merkur Gaming special

Merkur Gaming truly has its own special place in the world of modern gaming software development. Their catalogue is full of interesting games. The Merkur Gaming collection is very diverse. They produce classic games and slots. Such types of products are considered to be a staple in every software developer’s portfolio. The Merkur Gaming team isn’t afraid of experimenting with themes of their games and slots. This is why their creations appeal to a wide range of audiences. Merkur Gaming is just getting used to the rules and tastes of the modern online gaming software world. The reason to this makes them really stand out among their colleagues.
As it was mentioned earlier, Merkur Gaming has a history that spans for more than 60 years. So, you may ask yourself if it is possible to have such a long history as an online gaming software developer. The answer is no, and Merkur Gaming started its way as a creator of games for an offline casino. They feel so good in this business that only recently Merkur Gaming started to break into the online gaming world. But it doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t pay attention to them as a beginner and it doesn’t mean that their lack of experience in this particular industry results in bad products. In fact, it is quite the opposite. Most software developers try hard to create games and slots that give players a feeling of a real-life casino. Not everyone is good at it. But Merkur Gaming games and slots are a perfect choice for those who like such games as this company literally has a decades-long history in the real-life casino software development.
Yes, Merkur Gaming has a long history. But this doesn’t mean that they rely heavily on their hits from twenty years ago and their reboots, remakes etc. This company develops software for a long time and they still have passion for creativity. This is an amazing sign! Merkur Gaming doesn’t rely solely on their history when it comes to marketing and general attitude towards software development. Its team members have their eyes fixed on the future and they work hard to maintain their image and gain new customers.

General Information on Merkur Gaming

Merkur Gaming is a part of Gauselmann Group that was founded in 1957 by Paul Gauselmann. Nowadays, Gauselmann Group is a big enterprise. It is known for its amazing betting arcade games and slot machines. Mister Gauselmann has many inventions under his belt and overall his business has more than 200 slots and games. Merkur Gaming made its name by creating so-called land-based AWP style products. Such games are popular among players of real-life casinos and other spaces where this type of entertainment is available.
Merkur Gaming has finally stepped into the world of online gambling. They optimize their offline products for online gamers and develop a fanbase among those who prefer online casinos or just find it more convenient. We are pretty sure that they will succeed in this field, given their creative team, as well as popularity and good reputation in the offline casino business. Paul Gauselmann is considered to be a legend in the gambling business of Germany. There are notable and unusual moments in his carrier that show what an influential and respected person is. For example, Mister Gauselmann became an honorary citizen of German towns where his business offices are based.

Conclusion on Merkur Gaming

Merkur Gaming and Gauselmann Group are pretty much legendary in the gambling business of Germany. But Merkur Gaming is yet to gain the same status as an online software developer. It has a huge catalogue, an amazing and creative team behind the games and slots and experience in the real-life casino business. If Merkur Gaming produces games and slots with better graphics and focuses more on mobile gaming software development, we will have an online gambling powerhouse in the making.