Slots software provider Booongo

The admirers of online entertainment should familiarize themselves with the features of the products of manufacturers passing the stage of formation. The Austrian company Booongo, which produces video slots, first announced itself in 2015. Its games quickly became popular, which contributed to the innovative ideas of experienced programmers. Despite the modest portfolio of the brand, every Booongo game became a hit, which speaks of the grandiose prospects of the company. Slots contain innovative elements that are harmoniously combined with the basic principles of the game. The recognizable feature of the Booongo video slots is the creative visualization of the playing field. The Kailash Mystery emulator, qualitatively representing ancient Chinese motifs, is equipped with a round field. The presence of special symbols with extraordinary options is inherent in the masterpieces from Booongo.

Slots from Booongo

The slots of Booongo offer to the player’s attention stories about ancient countries, legends, holiday themes and fantastic adventures. The Thunder Zeus machine, dedicated to the legendary person of Zeus, the god of thunder and lightning, serves as an example of the creative function of Scatter – a combination of scatters contributes to the reunion of the originally separated parts of the playing field. The Booongo company machines are characterized by remarkable dynamics of the gameplay, an abundance of free spins and a thematic mini-round.

Software Booongo Gaming
Paylines 20
Progressive No
Multiplier No
Bonus Games No
Free Spin Yes
Game RTP 97.1%
Jackpot 1000

Booongo devotes a lot of time to graphic design of games, trying to detail the images as much as possible. Sound effects correspond to the thematic line, amplifying it. The video slots are available in a demo version; they are adapted for mobile devices that support modern technologies. The navigation bar is laconic, and user settings allow you to optimize the gameplay. Often the number of lines of the online slot machines from Booongo is fixed, which is also a quirk of Booongo. The automatic slots of Booongo will give a gambler wonderful moments of relaxation!

Booongo online slot machine emulator

Among the great variety of slot machine content from different manufacturers, it is sometimes difficult to find a machine that meets the player’s needs. This is especially true for gamers, who love innovations and tracking the advent of entertaining and quality entertainment on the gaming market. This category of players should definitely get acquainted with the products of the Austrian company Booongo, the launch of which commenced in 2015. Despite a short time of existence, the content from the producer managed to gain popularity, thanks to the creative approach of the developers to create exciting online slots.

Features of the virtual slots from Booongo

The total number of slot machines developed by Booongo is small, but each game has its unique features. Booongo offers a radically new look of the innovative slots at the structure of the playing field, offering a departure from stereotypes. An example of the original solution is the Kailash Mystery video slot, offering immersion in the enchanting atmosphere of Ancient China, playing on a round field. The slots machine features a superb thematic design and an incredible amount of free spins that the god Shiva hands out generously. The rotating field opens new facets of the game process, allowing wild symbols to occupy several vertical positions when appearing on the central reels. The subjects of legends of different countries are qualitatively represented by the developers when creating another exciting machine – Thunder Zeus. The video slots from Booongo are dedicated to the supreme god Zeus the Thunderer, thundering lightning, which unfolds when spinning drums. However, this state of the playing field is reversible when forming combinations of scatter symbols – the parts of the field are reunited, covered with wild symbols. Also popular is a slot machine, the main characters of which are Australian kangaroos that protect humanity from treacherous aliens. Booongo`s Kangaliens emulator is excellent in dynamics, the presence of free spins and special symbols.

Graphic design of the slots from Booongo

It is worth noting that the slots content from Booongo differs with its stunning graphics, which allow the player to experience the realism of what is happening. Positive colour schemes enhance the mood, giving an intangible range of emotions to fans of virtual gambling. The machines are available in the free version – the player activates the demonstration mode, risking nothing, using virtual credits. Thus, a user prepares in advance for the game process, studying its rules and features. A special flavour to the game process is provided by high-quality sound accompaniment, complementing the subject-thematic line. Running the video slots from Booongo is easy using stationary or mobile devices. The navigation panel of the game slots from Booongo is laconic, therefore studying of management principles will not take much time. A feature of the content is a fixed number of lines involved in the game process, which is a direct consequence of the original construction of the playing field. The symbol combinations are lined up creatively – some slots create combinations based on the principle of adjacent cells (Halloween Witch). The prize sequence disappears, and the vacant space is occupied by new symbols (Christmas Charme). The use of innovative elements increases the gamer’s chances of winning, so playing the Booongo slot machines is a complete pleasure! The video slots lead in popularity among online casino games with a large margin.

Online game automation with Booongo slots

Thanks to a large selection of fantastic online video slots from Booongo, you can find the game literally for every taste and imagination. From now on, you can just sit back and watch the game progress. Periodically you will have to do something. Typically, this refers to a bonus or mini-game, where you are expected to choose – to withdraw the win and continue the main game or to take a chance.
The degree of interactivity varies from slot to slot, but they are becoming more entertaining and deserving of your attention. The slots from Booongo give the biggest earnings, both in online casinos, and in the ordinary. This means that the best bonuses, as a rule, are aimed specifically at the slot machines, offering free spins, bonuses for deposits and others.

Pros of the Booongo slots

With the slots from Booongo you will find larger bonuses than in conventional automatic machines, from free spins to bonuses, which simply do not fit the standard machines.
The slot machines from Booongo are among the most popular in online casinos, in particular, due to their diversity. No matter what playing skills the player has, in different programs you will find a game suitable for you, which you will have to taste. Every collection of the Booongo slots includes such types of them:
Classic slots from Booongo. The basis is the original format of the slots, which acquired its popularity 100 years ago, and they are ideal for beginners. These slot machines have a simple betting system. You will feel at home because you can relax playing them and enjoy an unforgettable game.
Thematic video slots. Heroes of blockbusters, series and comics will meet you on the drums of an online casino, thanks to an arrangement with the producers about the use of their intellectual property.
Video slots from Booongo. What else can you say about these slot machines from Booongo? To date, they are among the most popular games in our repertoire and boast the latest features. Our video slots bring a lot of fun and great payouts!
Progressive slots. These slot machines from Booongo can change your life and make you a millionaire in seconds! In order to win a progressive jackpot, you also need to dare to make big bets. We advise you to review the payout table for each game in order to develop your betting strategy before starting the game.
Tournaments on slots from Booongo. Play against other players from all over the world in our tournaments. Win the first place and get a reward. As an additional bonus, we hold free game tournaments, where you can play for free and receive real money.

Comfort conditions from Booongo

All users of the Booongo slots know very well how comfortable it is to play for fun while sitting at home. Most of them prefer tranquillity and solitude, which cannot be found in any ordinary casino. In addition, the slots from Booongo offer the opportunity to play from anywhere and anything.