Blueprint Gaming software slots

Blueprint Gaming is an experienced team of developers from UK with an obsession of creating slots for gamers from all over the world. Creators have a good reputation for their great optimization and unique projects.
Just as many other companies nowadays, Blueprint Gaming provides an access to hundreds of great slots. Back in 2000s they were just another studio with a dream to become famous. They did it due to the dedication to the process and powerful team of developers.
In Blueprint Gaming people work hard, because they want to make the best possible slots. To do that, they even ordered professional artists. It helped to make slots adaptive to the screen resolution. No matter what type of gadget the gamer will use – the overall Blueprint Gaming experience will be on a very high level.
People should be happy with slots from Blueprint Gaming because of their price. Players don’t have to pay something in order to play. Every project from Blueprint Gaming includes demonstration versions with in-game currencies. They can be used to bet without making deposits.

Software Blueprint Gaming
Paylines 20
Progressive No
Multiplier Yes
Bonus Games No
Free Spin Yes
Game RTP 97.04%
Jackpot 100000
Software Blueprint Gaming
Paylines 20
Progressive No
Multiplier Yes
Bonus Games Yes
Free Spin Yes
Game RTP 95%
Jackpot 500

However, to get better performance, players should sign up through Blueprint Gaming website. It’s the only way to get personal profile. It has many benefits, among them are online cloud drives. They store all your statistics and data.
Blueprint Gaming is available not only in Britain, but literally in any other country. There are no limitations for slots. The times has changed, nowadays – games is just another kind of hobby. It’s not a shame to play slots, as long as you want to. In the case the player has pages in social media, he can share his emotions about Blueprint Gaming on Facebook, Twitter, et cetera.
There is no other studio that makes games with such dedication as Blueprint Gaming. These guys are masters in making gameplay and graphics bright, colorful and pretty emotional. Their slots are well-known among all types of gamers. Even people, who has never played such projects before, know a couple of names of their games.
Blueprint Gaming cares about all clients, so they are trying to optimize their slots for a wide variations of devices. You don’t have to buy an expensive personal computer to enjoy gambling. Even low specs PCs can run most of slots.
But be sure to have a good connection to the Wi-Fi or cellular data. As long as Blueprint Gaming slots are Internet-based, they need to refresh information quickly and frequently. The gamer will get the latest version either by reloading the page with the slot or by downloading the official application.
Popular Blueprint Gaming software slots and casino games
If the player has played slots in early 2000s, then he needs to remember how bad they looked like and what the gaming process was. Nowadays, everything has changed. Blueprint Gaming has altered the look of their projects.
Now they look like big budget videogames. Most of them are unique, however some of them are based on famous movies, books, music, TV shows franchises. In Blueprint Gaming slots have the same idea – to give players a ticket to another world or even a galaxy for investigation.
Blueprint Gaming dedicate all their time to make slots interesting enough for gamers to enjoy. They even try to make it pretty simple to pay for bets. This is why the player can use any banking system or web service, as PayPal, Skrill.
Experienced players will name you a couple of legendary slots from Blueprint Gaming: King Kong Cash, Worms, Angel Princess, 3 Lions, et cetera. All of them are good in terms of special effects and animations. But this is not what makes them special.
If the gamer look closely to Blueprint Gaming slots, he will find out that they have much more to deliver. Blueprint Gaming focus their attention on storylines and characters. They are like films with their own plot and heroes.
The player should figure out that the money is not the only reason, why he should try to play Blueprint Gaming slots.

Blueprint Gaming mobile software slots

Blueprint Gaming gives you a chance to enjoy slots not only on desktop devices, like PCs and laptops, but also on portable ones. Smartphones and tablets are capable to show good quality of games without any problems. They have not so much differences.
Creators from Blueprint Gaming adapted the user interface for smaller screens to make it comfortable to control the gameplay on a trip or vacation. All sections of slots menu were made bigger and brighter.
In case of mobile versions of Blueprint Gaming slots contains something to surprise players. They can activate the “Auto Play” function and it will help to earn credits without wasting time on spinning the reel. Slot itself will do it in the automatic mode, the player only needs to specify the number of times.
If you are interested in “Maximum Betting” function – then be aware to use it after first launch of the slot. It comes in handy, when the user wants to bet a big amount of money at once. But he should understand how risky it is in Blueprint Gaming. The gamer can lose all his coins within a couple of seconds. However, there is a chance that you will win much more.
It is recommended to get the official app from Google Play or App Store. It contains much greater design and better sound. Besides, the player can sign in slot with the use of his Blueprint Gaming. It will help him to continue gaming session without losing statistic or anything else.

What makes Blueprint Gaming special?

Blueprint Gaming started as a local project for Britain. But now, anyone can enjoy their slots. But why should you choose them? Because with Blueprint Gaming the gamer can be sure, that he will find a game for his budget. A big variety of slots has everything for gamers: from colorful wonderlands to serious cities and gangster movies.
The gamer can choose the type of Blueprint Gaming slot, that he would like to play. It can be vintage three-reel project or modern Blueprint Gaming game with more than ten lines to bet. Either way – the main objective will the same. The user will have to combine similar items on the same paying line. By doing so, he will increase the winning score and as a result his bankroll will grow.

It’s a long Blueprint Gaming way to the top

When Blueprint Gaming started – slot business was only building up and it looked completely different from what we have now. More important is the fact, that creators didn’t stop there. They not sit still and are always working on making slots better.
Back then Blueprint Gaming were making machines to place them in real-life casinos. Now they don’t have to do that. Their slots can be delivered to gamers with one click on the web. They just post their projects on sites and it enough to make people happy.
In Blueprint Gaming there are coders, designers, professional mathematics. All of them are working together in order to create new wonderlands and galaxies for players.


Blueprint Gaming deserves attention from all types of gamers. If you look to slots from this studio, then you will find out interesting fact – they make not only gambling projects, but also some table games. All of them are perfect to relax in the evening after grueling day at work.
It’s the main idea behind Blueprint Gaming slots – they were made to entertain you. In case the gamer wants to make money with them – he will not get funny feeling out of gaming process, because he will dedicate all his time on becoming rich.
It’s not the way Blueprint Gaming look at slots. For them – these games are part of art. All stories you are about to witness were written from scratch by scripters. They are not perfect, but they are real and interesting to follow.
Play wisely – build a strategy and don’t rush. It’s the biggest mistake of all beginners who wants to try out Blueprint Gaming slots. They open them and bet all money they have in order to win big prizes. But it is the way to lose everything you have. Don’t do that, be yourself and think twice before spinning the Blueprint Gaming reel.
If you want to enjoy Pegasus Rising, Lion Festival, Magic Ian, Mistress of Fortune or any other Blueprint slot – nobody will judge you. Some projects of Blueprint Gaming are even integrated with social networks – there will be zero problems with launching them on the work, or elsewhere, in case the player wants to remain incognito.
Do your friends like slots as well? Then tell them about Blueprint Gaming and then you will have a chance to play some of them together in the multiplayer mode.