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There are a lot of casinos on the web. So why do you need to test Betway online? It was established not so much time ago, but already has became very popular among the players. Gamers choose this platform to enjoy the game not only because it is totally safe, but also because of the projects, that it provided.
The player can choose between over four hundred products. There are many projects, that provide a bonus code for the beginners. Everyone can get an immersive profit by playing them. Because every slot delivers many ways to get money in dollars and euros. Besides, the gamer can use some special loyalty systems, such like “Betway Plus”.

Casino Software and Slots

If the player wants to play right now, he can use the online version. It contains everything that most gamers would like to get from a regular project. Betway’s designers dedicated all their power to create a perfect and yet simple design for web browser mode. It doesn’t require installing anything on your device. The user only needs to have a good and active connection to the web.
However, if the player wants to get the maximum version of Betway with the most beautiful and detailed visual representation, then he should install a special application on his PC, or a smartphone / tablet with iOS or Android operation system.
It is very good to use the app on your portable device, because it allows you to enjoy the Betway on your gadget whenever you would like to. That means, you don’t have to waste your time sitting at home. Take the game with you, everywhere, anytime. Betway’s user interface and the controls were adapted to be comfortable even on the mobile gadgets.
Besides, you can call Betway support that works twenty-four hours per day. The user can either use a phone call for free, or enter a text message. There is a setting to choose the right language to speak with a real operator, instead of a digital bot.
Betway is like Las Vegas city. But you don’t need to go anywhere in order to play games. After entering this casino, the player has a chance to enjoy a big variety of different slots. In total there are more than four hundred slots with non-similar number of reels. They were created to satisfy a wide audience of players.
Some of the best among them are “The Dark Knight” and “The Game of Thrones”. They are large big budget projects based on the famous franchises. Forget about the times when such machines were all about moneymaking. Now it’s time for the player to enjoy the storyline and discover more about character building and some interesting aspects of the gaming process.
In the Betway’s slot about the Batman, the player will become a superhero, whose mission is to protect the city from the crazy villains. That’s not surprising, that the user will meet a lot of familiar faces on the reel. Designers of Betway have worked hard to re-imagine the vintage heroes and represent them in the new light with specific elements of their characters from the original material. You can admit an attention to the details by listening to soundtrack. It creates a perfect atmosphere of the rainy city of Gotham.

Other Casino Games

You can tell that about every game from the famous companies like Microgaming or Net Entertainment. Such games, like Jungle Jim – El Dorado, deliver an interesting experience, that you won’t find in any other entertainment product. No matter what type of gadget you use, you will get the same high level of quality. It’s an era of high-definition visual effects and beautiful music on Betway. All of these aspects allow the player to feel himself inside of the project. Controls are so easy, that even newcomers will understand how everything works.
Besides, the Betway games give you a chance to find any project, that you would like to find on the internet. Especially if the player like to spend a free evening with instant pleasure. There are products from the classic type to the board games, like cards or roulette.
All of them allow the gamer to choose how to play. These projects tries to create a feeling of the real-life experience. That’s why the gaming tables of Betway are so realistic and each of them represented their own digital universe.
If the player wants to feel the realism at its best, there are several projects using social networks. Betway allows the users to interact with each other using messages and voice chats. They provide a good platform to chill with your friends in the private chat room. Besides, who did say that you can’t share your favorite hobby with them? Feel free to share the best games on your Facebook or Twitter.

Casino Features and Bonuses

What game from the web in 2018 can exist without using the bonus system? The player should pay his attention to a couple of special items on the Betway’s gaming field in order to increase his winning score. For example, if the player land at least three matching slots on the paying line, then his bankroll will be doubled.
New users of Betway can get a special advantage as welcoming bonus. The first bets will cost up to one thousand coins. And the first deposit will be doubled. Besides, if you play good enough, then there will be a chance to win not only in-game currency with the opportunity to exchange it for real money, but also some big prizes, such as iPad or iPhone.
Sign up through the Betway website and your account will get the plus points every time you play. If the player collect enough of them, then the free spins will be unlocked for him to use. They also provide good way to join mini-games with a chance to win a jackpot.

Try to get the biggest score. The bigger it gets, the higher a chance is to become a VIP Betway’s user, which have an access to special events with much more interesting prizes.

Casino Payment and Withdrawal Methods

Users can use not only the Betway’s in-game currency, but also the credit cards to pay for their bets. There are terminals to use any debit or credit card from Visa or Mastercard. The player can even transfer money directly from the bank profile.
There are no problems with withdrawal. It is pretty quick and simple method to use your money online. All transfers and operations are totally secured. So you don’t have to worry that your personal information will be represented on the site of some other company or anything like this. Betway is worrying about every client.
Besides, Betway’s casino uses the famous technology called “Real to the Player”. It means, that every game on the list will return up to 95-97 percent (different from game to game) of all bets that the player will make in a long period of time. That’s because every project on the site is officially certified.

Betway – the place for the gamers
Casino Customer Support

Players from around the globe can get an instant Betway support anytime they want. Professional workers will answer your questions via special chat form. If you want to call phone number, you can do this for free, if your country is represented on the Betway list. Besides, you can always get the latest information on the releases by using a feedback option. After activating it, refresh your email from time to time to get the letters with the updates from the casino.

Live Casino

This technique is the best in giving the most realistic experience, that the player can get right now. If you have a stable connection to the internet, then it’s pretty easy for you to use live broadcast with a real-life image of the table. Real employees of a particular institution will provide the best way to play poker, black jack or anything else. The biggest advantage of the Betway is that the stream has a High-Definition quality. We can bet, that the player has never seen anything similar before.

Mobile Casino

The version of Betway for smartphones and tablets has no major difference from the desktop one. That’s because the developers wanted to create the perfect way to play the most popular games from the best studios on the small screens of mobile phones. But no matter what resolution of the screen is, the gamer will get the same high quality.
The main advantage of modern Betway slot machines – is that the player doesn’t have to go anywhere in order to play them. It is enough to have a connection to the internet and a device to launch the product. Forget about the times when you needed to go somewhere in order to play. Nowadays, Las Vegas can be in your pocket.
Betway’s games have no special requirements for a hardware. So you just need to launch them through the web browser. Or install the app on your mobile phone or table on the iOS or Android OS.

Casino Security

Your gaming process is totally secured on Betway. The player doesn’t have to worry about the data and statistic. All of them stored on the cloud drives. This comes in handy, when the player wants to continue his journey into the world of Betway’s digital entertainment on other gadget. You can easily transfer the data from PC to smartphone by signing in the game with the use of the same account.
Betway uses the SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) technology to encrypt the details about the users. It allows to protect them 24/7. The casino was approved as one of the most secured place to play games on the web. It is safe to use your bank card, even without PayPal authorization. However, you can use the most convenient way to bet.


Nowadays it is easy to find an online casino on the web. But it is difficult to find the one, that the player will like the most. Because not every platform allows the player to fully enjoy a big library of projects. But it’s not only games, that make Betway so special. It’s also service and bonus systems.
Modern gamers have a chance to enjoy Betway projects not only on personal computers, but also on smartphones or laptops. Besides, who wants to understand a gruel process of internet banking? No one. That’s why creators of this site decided to create the easiest way to put your money inside of the project which you want to enjoy.
How can the gamer find a beautiful and interesting project among over four hundred games in Betway? It’s pretty easy because of the rating grid. Just pick the one from the top list and you will enjoy them for sure. This casino demonstrates how a good product must be promoted. Without stupid commercials on the web, but with good quality of service and visual representation.
To become a member of Betway the user should only sign up through registration form on the main page. Then he will continue his journey into the world of entertainment. Just don’t forget, that these products were created to deliver the joy from the gameplay. So don’t focus your attention only on the moneymaking. Think about these games as your hobby. Because all of them have their own storylines, characters and even visual style.

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