Casino History

With the rapid technologies development of our times, it is not necessary to go out to have fun. Instead of brick and mortar casinos, people began to be drawn at online casinos like 21Dukes that offer instant winnings without having to get up from your favourite couch. However, it is so easy to get lost among hundreds of websites that offer slot games and table games with real money wagering.
The problem hides in the main online casino benefit. The virtual reality of it, to be precise. You never know where you transfer your money and whether it is safe. What is the country of the online casino license? How can you withdraw your money in case of your winning a great deal? All of these questions are truly important to each casino player online. Considering all these, 21Dukes can definitely be called trusted.
21Dukes Casino operates since 1999. This is a considerable amount of time for such an institution. They made their fame and name by countless winnings of their clients and they never want to stop. If the casino has been around for 18 years, you can be sure they will not be gone tomorrow and you will be able to enjoy gambling at 21Dukes online for a long time ahead. You will never be left short of excitement and pleasure to win big and just have a good time. Here, you can make a huge amount of money to afford the life you always wanted by playing simple games. How is it possible? Read on to find out more about 21Dukes Casino.

Casino Software and Slots

21Dukes Casino has a 100% secured software free from spam and any harm that you could think of. To play their amazing games, all you have to do is go to the 21Dukes Casino website, sign up for free and start playing! If you are not sure whether you like it, you can even try all kinds of games (except for a live casino) online without even having to register an account.
Those would be games for fake money. 21Dukes Casino is available on your PC as well as on any kind of smartphones and tablets. 21Dukes does not offer any suspicious downloadable software, so there is no way you can come across a virus or anything else that can cause you any inconvenience.
As for the slots offered at 21Dukes, they are indeed gorgeous. As soon as you start playing them, you do not want to put it down. The fantastic colourful interface of the games is supported with realistic high-definition graphics that catch the eye. Furthermore, you have here different engaging scenarios that fuel your interest much more than ordinary games.

Other Casino Games

Among other games, 21Dukes Casino also offers a range of your long-time favourite kinds of Bingo. This game is famous for its insanely high jackpots that you can win in a blink of an eye without having to know any rules. Just take a chance and win! Bingo games, just like slots, have a wide array of different themes and appearances. You can imagine you are in the world of the Game of Thrones, Desperate Housewives or any other fantastic place that potentially can bring you lots of money in real cash. And what is the most important, all these is purely safe. You do not deal with real gangsters. It is just a game! Moreover, no one knows if you became a millionaire in just a moment.
Of course, 21Dukes presents all-stars table games loved by many. Here you have a few types of Roulette, Baccarat and BlackJack. Sounds spectacular? You bet! But wait, there is more. You can also play a range of colourful video Poker games that bring the whole gambling experience to a new level of making money while having fun. If you still want more, 21Dukes has something special for you! Prepare to play a real game with Live Dealers that wait in a live 21Dukes casino room!

How to Play 21Dukes Casino
Casino Features and Bonuses

You will never be left unrewarded while playing 21Dukes Casino online. You do not need to have any secret bonus code in 2018 to have your amazing opportunities landing on your desk. Go to your 21Dukes account every day to receive amazing daily bonuses that expire within 24 hours. What is more, you will be rewarded with the first five deposits that you transfer after registering at the 21Dukes website.
The rules are pretty clear, but you may want to check the full list of them at the following section on the 21Dukes site. Let us just outline their main features. The first sign-up bonus is 200% from your deposit amount. That means if you process the 10 dollars deposit, you will be given another $20, playing with $30. Bonus money are not cashable until you play them at least 75 times. The maximum amount for withdrawal is 100 euros. You also get 100% bonus on your second, third, and fourth deposit, and 175% on your fifth deposit.
The minimum deposit at 21Dukes is $10. 21Dukes Casino also offers a system of no deposit free spins. The number of free spins varies with each promotional proposition. You can track them daily by checking your email inbox and SMS messages on your phone.
All the money you win with the help of these free spins are subject to wagering requirements of 21Dukes Casino. It means that you should play a certain amount of times with these bonus winnings at 21Dukes online before you will be eligible to withdraw it in cash. The full list of the 21Dukes wagering requirements you can find in the Bonus Rules section.

Casino Payment and Withdrawal Methods

When you register your 21Dukes account, you will be able to process your payments through official online financial gateways. 21Dukes accepts Visa and MasterCard credit and debit cards. However, the most modern way to play and win online is playing with your Bitcoin shares. Note that if you want to withdraw your bonus money winnings, 21Dukes has a rule that you need to make a deposit of at least 25 euros for the last five days.
Before being allowed to withdraw any amount of money, you will need to verify your identity by submitting the electronic copies of your documents online to the 21Dukes administration. Those are typically the identification card with a photo, a photo of your credit or debit card, and a copy of any utility bill no older than 3 months before the submission date. After another six months, you will have to submit your documents again to 21Dukes.

Other Details About 21Dukes Casino
Casino Customer Support

If you have any questions regarding your money issues or a guidance to understand the whole bonus system, feel free to contact 21Dukes Casino anytime that is comfortable for you, seven days a week. No matter what is your location, their telephone number is totally free of charge. The 21Dukes friendly and professional consultants will pick up the phone pretty fast and provide you with the simplest answers to any question that you might have.
If you do not like talking on the phone or all of the operators are currently busy, you do not have to wait. Resolve your inquiry instantly by contacting the 21Dukes operators of a live online chat. They can give you guidance and support at any given time. Moreover, you can write them an email and wait for a more official answer. Typically, it takes not so long to get a sufficient and polite reply.

Live Casino

Live casino is one of the most exciting categories on the 21Dukes Casino websites. Not every online casino has real casino rooms that perform live translations with live dealers that wager real money. Luckily, 21Dukes can offer you this pleasure.
Feel free to enjoy the thrill of a real game with their table games live! Many of 21Dukes players won great money here. Your winnings depend on your luck, real roulette, and also other players` bets. You can play real 21Dukes casino without even leaving your home. What an exciting opportunity!

Mobile Casino

Mobile 21Dukes casino is a great way to enjoy your chances to win on the go. The most modern players do not like to be tied to one place whether it be a real casino or their own home. What is good about 21Dukes casino is that you can play it via your smartphone, tablet, or iPad.
Android or Apple – it does not matter. Just be free and play through your browser. You do not have to download anything, so playing the 21Dukes mobile version is 100% secure, confidential and reliable.

Casino Security

Speaking of security, we do not have to forget about your personal data questions. Where and how is it being stored? Do they send your information to any government institutions? Well, playing at 21Dukes, you can be absolutely sure about your privacy.
While you play and win with 21Dukes Casino, your account is secured with world-famous McAfee and Norton antivirus software ensuring no harm or information leakage comes to a participant. 21Dukes Casino operating is approved by Security Standards Council, which is an independent organization. No one will ever know your bank account information of any data regarding your winning, since it is being transferred by the secure SSL protocol.


If you have ever had that dream of coins covering the floor and shining like stars in the ink-blue skies, you can make that dream come true with 21Dukes Casino. All operations are processed online, so all you have to do for entering the exciting virtual world of gambling is the stable internet connection, and of course, flash player availability. That is all! Welcome to 21Dukes Casino!
Just think about it. Hundreds of funny and simple online games here at 21Dukes casino mean millions of chances to win. Each time you roll the dice or spin a reel increases your chances for instant and insane success. What is cool about 21Dukes Casino is that you do not have to wait much between the games, as it happens in real casinos when you play table games, for example. You can have multiple takes within only one minute, meaning more chances to gain an amazing reward.

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