GiroPay for Online Casinos

GiroPay it is a more modern version of well-known banking systems in Germany that have decided to create a union in a form of online bank that is called “GiroPay”. What can this payment method give to the gambler? First of all, it is a guaranty of data safety. All the information about transaction will be completely confidential. There is no need to worry. GiroPay has many customers in Denmark, Germany and Netherlands. They trust this banking system game more than all other companies presented on the market. Every transaction is coded with SSL protocols. Since 2006 year, there have been no occasions of website damages. However, GiroPay it is not a full online bank. It is rather a special payment system that can help clients of GiroPay partner with banks to send money from their credit card to the website of Internet shop or online casino. The only one question that gambler can meet with such a payment method it is why players can’t use just a local bank to pay for favorite video slot games? This company can give player sureness in that his personal data will be saved. Moreover, GiroPay can offer a high-quality service and opportunity to pay all around the world, using just a website of the payment system. It is quite a modern online game, but still it will be interesting to use it only for those who can’t freely pay with just a credit card.


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Advantages and Disadvantages of GiroPay

Let’s start with the list of advantages this payment system has. First of all, as we have already mentioned, all transactions are coded with SSL system what make your personal data anonymous. The second thing it is the speed of transactions. It can be completed in several minutes. Moreover, there is no need to go somewhere if you want to send money to the website of an online casino game. Just enter personal data and confirm operation. There are no complicated moves required to use GiroPay. But still, it is not that this system does not have its own little disadvantages. Only those who use credit cards of GiroPay partners can use such a method. Moreover, not all online casinos support it. People will have to complete registration to send money. Moreover, it is more comfortable and several times easier to send money through the website of your bank or just using an app. Moreover, GiroPay will also require a fee from every transaction made by the customer.


We would recommend players firstly to check either a trusted online games they have chosen to play if GiroPay can support a transfer made with this payment method or not. The second thing it is that the player should think twice before using this payment method. Sometimes it is more comfortable just to use a credit card and an application of the bank you trust. It will be both cheaper and will take you less time. Moreover, as GiroPay can support only transactions that are made through the credit cards of company’s partners, it will be comfortable only for some customers to send money using such a method. But still, it for sure worth attention!