Some people can’t see the difference between the cashier’s check and a bank draft itself. It is really hard to find some serious differences between these two payment methods. However, they are still present and people very often prefer exactly bank draft to the cashier’s check. And the reason is: bank draft is a safe method of banking payment, while cashier’s check is a kind of deposit method. The both methods are widely popular all over the world. However, usually when people come and ask for a check, they mean cashier’s check. Bank draft is an expensive pleasure only for privilege customers as they have to have a fund that will guarantee a money payment to the bank. However, service and speed of the transaction will be on absolutely other level as well.

Advantages and Disadvantages

So, what are the main advantages and disadvantages of the bank draft payment method? It can be used by any company and anyone can ask for a check as well. However, we still would recommend gamblers ask on the website of online casino if the bank draft can be accepted. How does the procedure look like? Client has to come to the bank and ask to give him a draft.

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He has to fill in the check on the certain amount of money and to enter personal data. Moreover, client also has to show up documents about the fund that can guarantee that he has real money. Person can use services of any bank anywhere in the world. However, he has to have a registered fund. This is the first obvious disadvantage of this payment method. The second one can be also detected already on this stage of the payment procedure. It is a need to come to the banking establishment and sign documents. Moreover, person will have to fill in the data and for sure it will take him quite a long time to do that. After client has signed a check, workers of the bank send money to online casino that a client has chosen to play with and give it real money. Player pays money to the bank. While you pay with cashier’s check there is no need to have a necessary amount of money on the account. However, when you ask for a bank draft you need to have all amount of money that you have wasted on your card or bank account. Only after the sum will be frozen, you will be able to use this payment method and ask for a check. This is not that comfortable. Comparing such a deposit method with modern payment systems, we have to notice that it requires quite a long time to complete one transaction. Moreover, player has to go to the bank and enter his personal data, while in other payment methods there is no need to do that. As well as such money transfers always require gambler to pay a tax. In the end it will cost gambler expensive lot to use such way to pay for favorite slot games than just connect with casino and send real money through the card.


Modern gambling offers player a quick service, a high-quality system of safety and easy ways to send money as fast as it is possible to any point of the world without signing numerous documents. Bank Draft it is one of the most traditional and still popular ways to pay for luxury goods but is it still on the market? We can’t say “yes”.